Copic Tutorials

Refilling your Copic Markers
Cleaning your Copic Markers
My Copic Storage Bag
Copic Swatch Book
Getting Started with the Copic Airbrush system, ABS-2

Adding Texture with Colorless Blender
Shading Yellow
Coloring Blue-Black Hair
Coloring Fur
Coloring Red Hair
Coloring Dark Brunette Hair
Blond Hair with 3 Tweaks
Skin Tone Shadows
Clouds and Sky *video*
Coloring Fur 2 *video*
Coloring Grass *video*
Coloring Eyes
Coloring Eyes Practice Sheet
Foliage: Adding Texture
Coloring Red
Fur Coloring Techniques
Bring Your Coloring Together with Shadow Colors
Snow Tutorial using Copic Opaque White

Color Swatch

Skin Combo 1: Fair
Skin Combo 2: Dark
Hair Combo 1: Blonde
Hair Combo 2: Blue Black

Light Source Basics

Part 1: Terms/Shapes Defined
Part 2: Linear Light Source
Part 3: Highlight/Shadow Practice
Part 4: Visualizing Cast Shadows


Speed Coloring Videos

Royal Treatment
Music Girl
Purple Tinted
Spring Pup
Ornament Tia with light glow
Royal in Black and White
Cupcake Mae with candle light
Windy Day
Coloring with Chameleon Markers, Tutorial and Speed Coloring


Dressing up the Hipster Pets
Digital Stamp Editing: Adding Motion
Digital Stamp Editing: Recoloring Digital Sentiments


Shadow Box Card
Royal Treatment Process *video*

Storage Ideas

Dew Drop Storage carousel
Clear Stamp Storage with vintage Rolodex


Felt Ornaments
Inexpensive Light Booth
Custom Gift Box
Pocket Necklace
5 embroidery Stitches
10 Ways to use Washi Tape



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