Light Source Basics: Part 3, Highlight/Shadow Practice



So? How did you fare from our last lesson? I wanted to give you some time to work on the shapes before showing you anything. Thinking and doing gets you further than copying and not understanding  :derp:  On the shapes homework, you should have ended up with something like this for and upper right Linear Light Source…


Not too hard right? Good!

In the first lesson I had you look at an image and break it down into these basic parts, to understand how easy they would be to see then shade individually. 

How about the Highlight Shadow Method? How did that go for you? That should have ended up something like this (though different for your image):

I did mine in Photoshop so its a lil extra “blendy”

Purple is for my shadows and yellow my highlights. This is a nice method for quick visualizing before attacking the full image.


Baby Steps with Derpy

Now remember we are going to be taking this along in baby steps right? This time I’ve made you a little simple shape dummy, check him out…


Click to download the Derpy PDF

now there’s a couple things you can do with Derpy (that’s the name I’ve given him, like the 8th dwarf or something):

1. Print Derpy many times and practice shading with the Highlight/Shadow representation method we talked about in Lesson 2

2. Print Derpy out, cut out the pieces and rearrange for different shading testing.

3. Print/Trace Derpy out on a Transparency/Acetate and use him like the light guide. 

4. Print/Trace Derpy out on a Transparency/Acetate then assemble him with brad joints. He can then mimic the pose of most other images but is reuseable :DD

Derpy is pretty special.


Practice Time

Today’s lesson is to print out Derpy and practice your Highlight/Shadow method on him in various positions and/or Light Source angles. If you have fun with Derpy let me know in the comments below. If you blog about him, or these lessons, leave me a link so I can come see 🙂


In our next lesson (in 2 weeks) we’ll progress and add some more dept to our basic Highlight, Midtone, Shadow.

See ya then!


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