• Dori

    Such a good idea and an easy way to get the job done! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I featured it in my Sunday Morning Coffee Cafe this week!

  • Selina Burstow

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. Very helpful. May I ask I have a couple of copic nibs that have become rather sticky and hard is there a tutorial on how to clean them or do I have to buy new nibs. Thank you. I look forward to your reply. Regards Selina x

    • Kristy

      You might have to new nibs but here’s what you do first… from this tut you have that cup of rubbing alcohol that you have the lids in, instead of lids pull out your gunky nibs and put them in the cup and swish them around. You’ll have to let them soak in there, maybe for a day or two, change out the rubbing alcohol once a day at least. You’ll be able to see when its cleaned out the old ink, the alcohol won’t be discolored from the soaking nibs. The nibs won’t be sterling white like they were originally most likely but that won’t affect whatever color you use them with later. I like to have spare nibs that I can switch out while the others soak, back ups. Let me know if you have questions and I hope this works for you!

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