Blown Away | Speed Coloring

I hope you’re ready for another Speed Art video! This time I’ve sped things up even more, 2500%, a faster and just as interesting watch I think.



This is one of my favorite pieces I’ve painted yet. I’m pretty proud of how she turned out and its continuing to teach me a lot about working with Manga Studio and how I like to digitally paint. I can’t remember if you see it in this video but I know you do on a future one how I set up my layers and my masks so I can make it a bit easier on myself… I’m a messy painter lol. I’ve watched and are watching, a bunch of other people’s process videos (they’re like sketch dumps, I LOVE sketch dumps) and no one does it the same, which I find pretty dang cool.


I’ve been trying to get into the habit of recording almost everything I’m drawing for Youtube so I’ll have something new for you every week, on Wednesdays. I’ve just learned how to schedule Youtube videos so it should all go smoothly, feel pretty pimp there. I really hope you guys are enjoying these videos. I’m trying to be a more forthcoming (I guess you could put it) artist and to put that side of myself out in the world. 


Daunting but pretty worth it in the end I think.


Blown Away is available in a few different ways on my Society6 shop or my Redbubble store. Redbubble is new to me so its a bit lonely on choices but it has some cool things that are different from S6 to choose from. If anyone is interested in digital versions of the prints, not the line art, that’s an exclusive for my patreon peeps, let me know and I can work that out in the Some Odd Girl shop 🙂


Thanks for stoppin by!


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  • Kimberly says:

    Very cool.. I love the depth of this

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