New Avatars!

In my last post I told you about the new avatars I was working on, well the first of them are up in the shop! So far its only the blonde Gwen, with its 4 choices of eye color, but I’ll be adding the brunette, black and red hair colors in the shop over the week. It takes longer than I thought with adding the options to the listings.




This is my first foray into offering something like this but not the last. It’ll take a lil bit to get all the options of Mae and Kaylee in as well, especially now I know how long this one took, ha, but it’ll be worth it.


One thing is still plaguing me though, you’ll call it silly probably, but I’m not sure what to call the category in the shop. Right now I have it labeled “Colored” but with everything I want to add to it, it covers it but doesn’t? See what I mean. If you have a suggestion let me know. 


Anyways, check out Avatar Gwen in the shop now and if you’re a curly blonde consider helpin a sister out and taking her home 🙂



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