Up Do | Speed Painting

Last week I shared the Speed Drawing video of this line art, Up Do. Today I have the Speed Painting video to share with you today. It took quite a while to paint so I hope you enjoy it…



I colored her in Manga Studio 5 with an interesting light source that I had fun playing with, low to her right, like the sun coming up as she’s getting ready for her day. I wanted her to have plenty of contrast in that lighting but for it to still look soft. To try for the look I wanted I tried painting in a different way.


In Manga Studio, vs photoshop, the painting tools work more like actual paint in the way it blends and how one color goes down over the other. Its like using paint vs using colored pencils, they both blend but completely differently. For this painting instead of starting with a blank, empty layer under the line art, which is on a layer above, I put a layer of white down before starting to paint. What a difference! I think I found my jam. I’ll try it with other base colors in the future but for now I’m so much happier with how the painting went.


I sped up the video to 900%, I’m not to speediest painter, so apologies if it still seems long. I’ll see if I can speed up the next one more. Let me know what you think.


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