Speed Art | Ent

My Patreon goodies for June went out last week and the art featured in this video, on my personal art youtube channel, was one of them. Ent, or Grootette as she ended up looking like unintentionally, is one of the exclusive images for patrons. 

Want to see the rest of the goods? Here ya go…

June saw some new rewards and a tweaking of what was already available. Every tier has a discount to my shop now in a growing percentage as you go up. I have weekly videos, like this one, lined up that patrons get early access to as well as their names listed at the end. 


It seems like an advertisement but I wanted to update you on how its going and the changes available, though I hope you’ll take a look! 


I’m going to be getting back to my blog on a more regular basis too and I won’t sound so dull, like I might be taking a nap while writing my posts. Its been that kind of the last few days, if you know what I mean. Blarg.


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