2 Sides

Howdy there! I wanted to share a peek at one of the images for my February Patreon. There’s always 2 new images for the month and I already shared a peek at the first on the Patreon blog but thought I’d share the second here (in an attempt at reviving my blog, a 2019 goal).

It seems that most of the images I draw for Patreon have a melancholy aire. I actually hadn’t thought about it until someone said they liked the “dark” images I draw for Patreon. I’ve just been drawing things that give me a feel.

I can totally see it though.

I was thinking about it and most of the art I do for Some Odd Girl is cheery, with happy smiling faces, fun activities, etc; the other end of the spectrum needs an outlet too so it seems to come out for these pieces.

No matter the feels, I hope you guys enjoy them. You could call it the two sides of Kristy.

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