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    2 Sides

    Howdy there! I wanted to share a peek at one of the images for my February Patreon. There’s always 2 new images for the month and I already shared a peek at the first on the Patreon blog but thought I’d share the second here (in an attempt at reviving my blog, a 2019 goal). It seems that most of the images I draw for Patreon have a melancholy aire. I actually hadn’t thought about it until someone said they liked the “dark” images I draw for Patreon. I’ve just been drawing things that give me a feel. I can totally see it though. I was thinking about it and…

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    Veil | Speed Painting

    Howdy! I told you I’d be back this week with another video from my personal art channel on the youtubes. I’m also endeavoring to up the golly gee whiz attitude this week vs the droll nap that was a week ago. Bringing back the pep! Now, this video is my speed painting, in Manga Studio, of the past patreon exclusive line art, Veil. Now I know most people who read my blog, unless those might be crickets I hear, do their painting and coloring with more traditional methods… markers, watercolor (jealous, they hate me!), pencils, etc… so before you go BOO and not watch the video which is only 10…

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    Speed Art | Ent

    My Patreon goodies for June went out last week and the art featured in this video, on my personal art youtube channel, was one of them. Ent, or Grootette as she ended up looking like unintentionally, is one of the exclusive images for patrons.  Want to see the rest of the goods? Here ya go… June saw some new rewards and a tweaking of what was already available. Every tier has a discount to my shop now in a growing percentage as you go up. I have weekly videos, like this one, lined up that patrons get early access to as well as their names listed at the end.   …

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    Coffee | Speed Drawing

      Well this sweet girl has finally hit my shop as a digi stamp, titled Coffee Lover Mae.    I’m not a coffee drinker but I can relate to that first sip of caffeine in the morning, that look of being grateful to the caffeine goddess for its sweet existence, making me not sleep all day long.         Watched the video? If you did you’ll relate when I say the theme is “I know something isn’t quite right but I can’t quite figure out what”.   It goes like that sometimes but I think this one was an extreme example of tweaking things, all I can say…

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    Doll | Speed Painting

    Last week was a semi-fail for having a video up to share, some quick changes around here derped my carefully laid plans. Today though I have one of my favorite pieces lately to share with you. It was a part of my patreon offerings for last month but it also ended up being one of my favs to color, check out Doll.     Is it just me or can dolls be super creepy?   I was going for creepy with her blank stare and pose but, and maybe its just me again, I think she had some of that but also looks weirdly serene… like a statue that evokes…

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    New Avatars!

    In my last post I told you about the new avatars I was working on, well the first of them are up in the shop! So far its only the blonde Gwen, with its 4 choices of eye color, but I’ll be adding the brunette, black and red hair colors in the shop over the week. It takes longer than I thought with adding the options to the listings.     This is my first foray into offering something like this but not the last. It’ll take a lil bit to get all the options of Mae and Kaylee in as well, especially now I know how long this one took,…

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    In the Works

    I’ve been working on a few things that are bit different to offer at Some Odd Girl. Different in that its for your blog instead of for cards…     You’ll have to excuse my phone pics of my tablet monitor. It lets me do it quickly and not think its too much of a hassle to share.   I’m creating avatars that I’m coloring up and will make available for banners, sidebars, etc, etc. I’ve seen the quick vector ones on places like Etsy that are just flat colors and while that’s fine I though people might appreciate a bit more detail. I really tried to put plenty of…

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    Copic Color Swatch: Pepper Shaker Digi Stamp

    Happy Monday! I have a new Copic Color Swatch palette for you. This is a peppery colored version of the digi stamp, Shaker. I hope you like it!     Besides this fun lil dude its the first full week of ODDtober Fest at Some Odd Girl, yo! You’ll want to read my blog post over there today for all the details and then go hunting for the TODAY ONLY FREEBIE. Yes, I said “freebie”.  Have a great week, talk soon!

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    Up Do | Speed Painting

    Last week I shared the Speed Drawing video of this line art, Up Do. Today I have the Speed Painting video to share with you today. It took quite a while to paint so I hope you enjoy it…     I colored her in Manga Studio 5 with an interesting light source that I had fun playing with, low to her right, like the sun coming up as she’s getting ready for her day. I wanted her to have plenty of contrast in that lighting but for it to still look soft. To try for the look I wanted I tried painting in a different way.   In Manga Studio, vs…