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    A Mini Survey

    Hey you opinionated and oh so smart people, I have a little survey for you. As you know from previous posts I’m working on changing up how I run things at Some Odd Girl to make them work better for me, where I am now, while still trying to draw up things I know you all would enjoy. Some Odd Girl is going to be 7 years old in January (le gasp!) and I know that things in our little corner of the crafting community have changed since we began in 2010. I’d probably be more surprised if they hadn’t, frankly. There are more companies out there, more originality and…

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    New Avatars!

    In my last post I told you about the new avatars I was working on, well the first of them are up in the shop! So far its only the blonde Gwen, with its 4 choices of eye color, but I’ll be adding the brunette, black and red hair colors in the shop over the week. It takes longer than I thought with adding the options to the listings.     This is my first foray into offering something like this but not the last. It’ll take a lil bit to get all the options of Mae and Kaylee in as well, especially now I know how long this one took,…

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    In the Works

    I’ve been working on a few things that are bit different to offer at Some Odd Girl. Different in that its for your blog instead of for cards…     You’ll have to excuse my phone pics of my tablet monitor. It lets me do it quickly and not think its too much of a hassle to share.   I’m creating avatars that I’m coloring up and will make available for banners, sidebars, etc, etc. I’ve seen the quick vector ones on places like Etsy that are just flat colors and while that’s fine I though people might appreciate a bit more detail. I really tried to put plenty of…

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    New Halloween-ish Digi Stamps

      Today at Some Odd Girl I am releasing 9 new Digi Stamps for your coloring and crafting pleasure! Each day on the Some Odd Girl blog we’ll be featuring 1 or 2 at a time…       As a group I think these are a lot of fun! Want to hit up specific images? Here are their links to each digi stamp in store…   Voodoo Priestess Piper Bat Shark Cat Bunny Vampire Foxy Lady Mae Ghost T-Rex Dog Cat Wizard Sorceress In Training Tia   What would you use these for if it weren’t for Halloween? I just draw, you guys have the real magic in your…

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    Go Fund Me

    Today I have something a little bit different to share. Its kind of a request for help if you’d be so inclined…     ignore the huge picture of my mug, I had no idea what pic to use.   I’m going to try not to reiterate what I wrote in the Go Fund Me campaign story, so I invite you to go read it. After switching to my hybrid method of creating, drawing on the tablet, transferring to my desktop computer to edit and finish in Photoshop, I’ve realized that this not only speeds up my work time but it also makes for less mistakes and I feel freer…

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    6 years of Odd

      I’m singing it from the roof tops, today is the 6th Birthday of Some Odd Girl! I guess you could call it the 6th anniversary of my career as a professional artist.  I’m not going to lead you to believe that its been all a song and dance (I can’t stop the puns), but its been quite an adventure. Many ups, many downs, a ton of learning and learning things I didn’t think I’d ever need to know. But even thru everything, there is no regrets. I love being able to do what I do, all the people I’ve met, the friends I’ve made that I hope to keep for…

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    Organize Your Week, free planner printables

    Every one is incredibly busy these days. Busy has become almost a badge of honor, like some kind of martyrist ideal. I don’t know about you, but I really love the time I carve out when its just me, maybe the Mr, my cats and I can watch one of my historical documentaries or other girly shows that no one else wants to watch but me. You know which ones I mean. Being so damn busy, being everything to everyone, if we don’t plan out at least some of our time, to make sure everything gets done and so you can work toward future goals, we’re going to be running around…

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    new blog posting schedule

    For a while I've been struggling with what to post on my blog on a regular basis. There's a bunch of seemingly disparate things going on around here that I didn't think I could figure out a way to make sense of posting without a rhyme or reason.

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    Retirement Sale!

    Can you believe that we’ve been selling our Clear Stamps since 2012? Seems crazy when I went thru the list of all our sets. We’ve only ever retired a handful of them and while I love them to bits, without a team of packers/shippers, we’ve got a bit more on our hands than I can… well… handle. This will free up some space here at SOG Central and make way for new sets in the fall. Each Monday in May we will be adding new Clear Stamp sets to our Retirement Sale. I didn’t want to drop the mic on them all at once in a crazy avalanche so I…

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    Focus for the Week: 1

    That’s is how I’m feeling this week. I got my to do list for the week mostly finished up yesterday and I’m ahead on my list for the day. Monday always seems the busiest but here are my goals for the rest of the week: Finish my writing my to-dos for the entire week (this afternoon!)  Set up my project planner Meal Plan and Groc shop for the week zen and get my drawing on for the coming months work 1 hour/at least 3 times this week on my site descriptions plan out blog for Feb There’s other nitty grittys in there but these are my assignments for the Monday…