A small obsession

Everybody has something that makes them happy that may not be the most practical of things. Maybe making models *ahem Mr*, or collecting plates, or maybe cute vinyl toys.   I might be guilty of that last one too.   My small obsession is pretty appropriate considering who I am and what brings me joy. I […]

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6 years of Odd

  I’m singing it from the roof tops, today is the 6th Birthday of Some Odd Girl! I guess you could call it the 6th anniversary of my career as a professional artist.  I’m not going to lead you to believe that its been all a song and dance (I can’t stop the puns), but its […]


2016 OLW & Goals

Today I want to share my personal and professional goals for 2016.

I like goals vs resolutions because they seem more like actionable plans. I’m a list maker and love checking things off, it gives you those little rewards of accomplishment along the way that are motivating to keep checking them off and goals work with that quite well. Each year I pick my “one little word” and create goals to support that word.

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OLW 2015

I’ve finally chosen my OLW… my mantra… for 2015 Focus Focus on me Focus on my business Focus on my family Focus on what matters whoosah   I have some plans to get back into gear. Now that CHA is over I can start to get organized and back to work… with more focus. More […]

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December Update

I thought after doing my big post in November I’d do a monthly update on how things are going. I really didn’t realize that my post would bring so much support or I’d get so many reaching out and thanking me for sharing, as it helped them as well. I’m really glad that was the […]

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What’s Going on with me…

September and October were very tough months for me. If you’re a regular reader and remember my Life of an Entrepreneur post, I mentioned a “nugget” that I said I’d talk more in depth about later when I finally addressed it on my own.  Well I’ve finally started. At the beginning of September I spoke […]