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    Smith Corona Galaxie Deluxe Typewriter, my new baby

    This past christmas, hubbins presented me with the world’s heaviest gift. After carrying it around now I can definitely testify to its gravitational pull, but at the time its sheer weight made it oh so perplexing.    We go to the Antique Fair in Allegan a few times from Spring to Fall and he knew I’d been looking for a cute typewriter, nothing too big, actually working. Opening this big box on christmas was a real treat when I found what looked like a hardsided suitcase inside, it was actually my new baby.     Its a Smith Corona Galaxie Deluxe, if you didn’t know by the post title, from…

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    A small obsession

    Everybody has something that makes them happy that may not be the most practical of things. Maybe making models *ahem Mr*, or collecting plates, or maybe cute vinyl toys.   I might be guilty of that last one too.   My small obsession is pretty appropriate considering who I am and what brings me joy. I collect vintage wall mounted pencil sharpeners.       What makes these completely unpractical? I only use mechanical pencils HA!   The remind me of back in the day, getting your favorite pencil to the perfect point and heading off to draw. Though back then they weren’t as cute as my 2 up there, just…

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    6 years of Odd

      I’m singing it from the roof tops, today is the 6th Birthday of Some Odd Girl! I guess you could call it the 6th anniversary of my career as a professional artist.  I’m not going to lead you to believe that its been all a song and dance (I can’t stop the puns), but its been quite an adventure. Many ups, many downs, a ton of learning and learning things I didn’t think I’d ever need to know. But even thru everything, there is no regrets. I love being able to do what I do, all the people I’ve met, the friends I’ve made that I hope to keep for…

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    Organize Your Week, free planner printables

    Every one is incredibly busy these days. Busy has become almost a badge of honor, like some kind of martyrist ideal. I don’t know about you, but I really love the time I carve out when its just me, maybe the Mr, my cats and I can watch one of my historical documentaries or other girly shows that no one else wants to watch but me. You know which ones I mean. Being so damn busy, being everything to everyone, if we don’t plan out at least some of our time, to make sure everything gets done and so you can work toward future goals, we’re going to be running around…

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    2016 OLW & Goals

    Today I want to share my personal and professional goals for 2016. I like goals vs resolutions because they seem more like actionable plans. I'm a list maker and love checking things off, it gives you those little rewards of accomplishment along the way that are motivating to keep checking them off and goals work with that quite well. Each year I pick my "one little word" and create goals to support that word.

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    new blog posting schedule

    For a while I've been struggling with what to post on my blog on a regular basis. There's a bunch of seemingly disparate things going on around here that I didn't think I could figure out a way to make sense of posting without a rhyme or reason.

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    Focus for the Week: 1

    That’s is how I’m feeling this week. I got my to do list for the week mostly finished up yesterday and I’m ahead on my list for the day. Monday always seems the busiest but here are my goals for the rest of the week: Finish my writing my to-dos for the entire week (this afternoon!)  Set up my project planner Meal Plan and Groc shop for the week zen and get my drawing on for the coming months work 1 hour/at least 3 times this week on my site descriptions plan out blog for Feb There’s other nitty grittys in there but these are my assignments for the Monday…

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    OLW 2015

    I’ve finally chosen my OLW… my mantra… for 2015 Focus Focus on me Focus on my business Focus on my family Focus on what matters whoosah   I have some plans to get back into gear. Now that CHA is over I can start to get organized and back to work… with more focus. More to come soon  

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    December Update

    I thought after doing my big post in November I’d do a monthly update on how things are going. I really didn’t realize that my post would bring so much support or I’d get so many reaching out and thanking me for sharing, as it helped them as well. I’m really glad that was the unintended side effect of my story.  Since then I’ve continued on my script for my hormone imbalance. I’m not sure yet if it’s actually balancing anything… how does one tell?… but it’s definitely better than the first try. I may have gone back to the face of a 15 year old, and I don’t mean…

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    What’s Going on with me…

    September and October were very tough months for me. If you’re a regular reader and remember my Life of an Entrepreneur post, I mentioned a “nugget” that I said I’d talk more in depth about later when I finally addressed it on my own.  Well I’ve finally started. At the beginning of September I spoke to my physician about an issue I’ve been shelving since my son was born 7 years ago. I think I would have continued to shelve the topic if I hadn’t read an article from Alison Gresik on Walking Depression. When my son was born in 2007 I had post partum depression.  I read up on…