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December Update

I thought after doing my big post in November I’d do a monthly update on how things are going. I really didn’t realize that my post would bring so much support or I’d get so many reaching out and thanking me for sharing, as it helped them as well. I’m really glad that was the […]

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What’s Going on with me…

September and October were very tough months for me. If you’re a regular reader and remember my Life of an Entrepreneur post, I mentioned a “nugget” that I said I’d talk more in depth about later when I finally addressed it on my own.  Well I’ve finally started. At the beginning of September I spoke […]

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Fingers Crossed and Personal Growth

That look, with fingers crossed, is how I feel most of the time.  “Living the Dream” of working for myself makes it sound like all rainbows and gumdrops but its actually a more daunting endeavor than it might seem. Every choice you make, and working for yourself you can make these decisions with sometimes reckless speed, […]

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OLW for 2013

I’ve made Goals for 2013, I’ve learned some things from last year to bring into this… last year my One Little Word for the year was Flourish. I dare say that with everything that happened last year, in spite of some things really, that word really summed up 2012.  We went to our first CHA […]

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Holiday Wreath

I finally have a wreath that I LOVE that goes with my white tree 😀 All I had to do was make it but I wanted to do that anyway lol Michael’s this year had WHITE wreaths and garland! I’ve only been wanting that for about 10 years! We’re all coordinated now and its just […]