OLW for 2013

I’ve made Goals for 2013, I’ve learned some things from last year to bring into this… last year my One Little Word for the year was Flourish. I dare say that with everything that happened last year, in spite of some things really, that word really summed up 2012. 

We went to our first CHA

We grew as a company

I feel I grew as an artist

and as a mom

I’m learning to look at my faults

and my strengths


My kids are both on major behavioral turn arounds

my hubs job is secure

I feel like we Flourished. Even if we have a long way to go


This year my One Little Word is… Achieve. 


I mentioned how this year has the feeling that everything is going to come together… that the work and effort will pay off. I have so many things I want to Achieve and I finally feel like that this is the year that I’m finally in the position to do it. 

Now I just need to do it.


What is your OLW for 2013?



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      That is too sweet of you, I dare say you give me too much credit. All I’ve ever wanted is to support my family (preferably in some sort of artsy job) and give them better than I had. If I can achieve that much I think I’ll call it good :)

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    Awesome word!! My word is Choice–I need to remember I have the choice on how I react, choice on what I do, etc.

    Here’s to a fabulous 2013!!

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    I LOVE that your word is achieve. :) My word for 2013 is accomplish. :) I have so many things that I would like to accomplish this year for my family and for myself. :)

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    OLW is such a great idea!! I think mine will be flourish. I finally opened up my etsy shop so the Hope is to do some growing! I’ve already sold some things offline so I’m hoping to do some online too & do at the VERY least one craft fair!

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