July 2016 Patreon

Happy July! The holidays are out of the way for you US peeps so I have these new goodies for you. These two images for the month are totally at opposite ends of the spectrum.




Lolli is a fun beachy image that I had a lot of fun coloring, which is the July desktop background; Depressed is, well, pretty obvious what its about.


I enjoy making happy, peppy, art but sometimes art and drawing is also a form of therapy. I don’t really have to explain that to you all, as you know how relaxing coloring and crafting is. Your feelings can come thru so much in art and its great to get that out, especially if you aren’t a talker (soooo me!).


Not sure what August will bring you guys next, but I will be putting Lolli up in my Society6 if anyone wants a print. 


You might be seeing a mix of styles on my patreon offerings next month. Its what I’m in the mood for 😉


I’m going to be posting here more. Its been a “rough” couple of months for me with my depression/anxiety if you’ve wondered about my being more quiet than usual. I think I need to find a way to keep myself from going into my shell. Not sure what that would be but I’d be happy for any suggestions. Sorry to end the post on such a downer, le sigh, but I thought a bit of fyi might be in order. 





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