June 2016 Patreon

Welcome to the beginning of summer! This month for patrons I have 2 exclusive images, one for the season, Mermaid, and the second, Falling, is a piece in and of itself I guess you could say.




Mermaid was inspired by a request and I think I might have taken it in a different direction than she had intended it turned out so well, imo, that I had to share it with my patrons. I’m working on a colored version for July’s desktop background but the tail is giving me fits I got to say.


Falling was inspired by my mood for much of May. Completely antisocial and withdrawn, Falling into the depth of my depression. I’m climbing back out now but sometimes you can’t say no to the dark hole, or the fog. That idea of fog is why I colored her in the way that I did. Getting it out in art was a great help.


Well backing away from the bummer story I really hope you like these images and if you have requests or ideas definitely share them below! You could inspire something totally fun for next month.


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