Patreon Preview: Mermaid

I’ve been working on a new piece for June’s Patreon. I have a lil preview for you below, but I’ve had a request, a very hopeful one I might add, for a mermaid and I had done some sketching previously but couldn’t come up with anything that inspired me to keep going. 


But I finally did…


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This is still in the sketch phase, the pics here, but the official inking of it is complete with a few changes… a girl has to keep a few secrets.


You’ll have to excuse the strangeness of the pics, they are literally photos of the screen, nice quality I’m sure. I’ve been using a new program to sketch and ink in, well its new to me, Manga Studio 5. I’m finding that the lines I get in that program, for inking, are much crisper than I get in photoshop. 


Uh oh, right? I said something was better than photoshop.


The program is a very interesting one, its designed for comic creators with a lot of features to make their jobs easier. I’m using it for sketching and inking, also a bit of digital painting. Where the digital painting comes in I’m not as pleased but it could be a matter of being unfamiliar with the tools. Some of the brushes don’t react as I think that should, especially when it comes to layering colors. In that area I do prefer photoshop but it doesn’t like my drawing tablet; apparently from my googling it doesn’t like much of any tablet drivers except wacom; wacom drivers don’t play well with ANY other drivers so its a losing battle in that regard. I’m also playing with Paint Tool Sai but so far, and its widely documented, its kind of a fragile program that lots of things can derp it out. I’ll see what comes out of it but so far its all Manga Studio 5… except for photo editing, I couldn’t live without photoshop for that.


If anyone is interested I’m thinking about doing a review of my drawing tablet. Now that everything is mostly settled in with it I can also do some of those drawing tuts I had planned on. If you’re interested in getting this image then please, head over to my patreon and sign up! Not only will you be supporting my art but you’ll get exclusives that won’t be available to purchase later. 




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