May 2016 Patreon

May’s patreon goodies were sent out to my patrons today. Computer problems made my late, I’m sad to say, but either way I hope they enjoy this month’s exclusive line art and desktop background.




I am pretty dang horrible at naming images as I’m sure you already know if you’ve read any of the names from past months, ha.


For May, patrons received the line art of Up & Float and a bonus sketch art of the painting from the May Desktop background. I seriously didn’t even think of a lame name for her, it never crossed my mind. Le sigh.


<Insert Name Here> on the desktop background, I’ll have more info on her on another post, is a first for me of painting without the aide of the line art to make the color breaks, it was a fun process and I used a different painting program than normal too so I hope my patrons will give me an opinion on the finished product. I’ll be putting her up on Society6 soon as well. 


I hope you’ll take a look at my patreon and see if you’d like to sign up as a monthly patron. Its giving me a push and I appreciate all my patrons so much!


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