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    In the Works

    I’ve been working on a few things that are bit different to offer at Some Odd Girl. Different in that its for your blog instead of for cards…     You’ll have to excuse my phone pics of my tablet monitor. It lets me do it quickly and not think its too much of a hassle to share.   I’m creating avatars that I’m coloring up and will make available for banners, sidebars, etc, etc. I’ve seen the quick vector ones on places like Etsy that are just flat colors and while that’s fine I though people might appreciate a bit more detail. I really tried to put plenty of…

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    Up Do | Speed Art Video

    Now that I’m regularly drawing on my tablet monitor I can do some really nice Speed Art videos for you guys! Yay technology! In this video I recorded the creation of Up Do, a line art from my August Patreon…     This is the first video I’ve done of start to finish drawing and inking. The video is sped up to 750% from the actual, or so says my Adobe Premier Elements, from that you can get a pretty good idea on the actual time this took. Watching it back I maybe could have sped it up a bit more, what do you think? I didn’t want to over…

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    Patreon Preview: Mermaid

    I’ve been working on a new piece for June’s Patreon. I have a lil preview for you below, but I’ve had a request, a very hopeful one I might add, for a mermaid and I had done some sketching previously but couldn’t come up with anything that inspired me to keep going.    But I finally did…     This is still in the sketch phase, the pics here, but the official inking of it is complete with a few changes… a girl has to keep a few secrets.   You’ll have to excuse the strangeness of the pics, they are literally photos of the screen, nice quality I’m sure.…

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    Nature Digital Art Inking video

    Howdy there! I have a digital art process video to share with you guys today, it is a portion of the digital inking of one of March’s Patreon exclusive line arts, Nature.    Its a speed drawing (inking?) video the compresses a couple hours worth of inking down into a more easily digested video. Check it out…     I used an app called AZ Screen Recorder to capture this from my tablet, I’m really surprised it worked as well as it did. The app *said* it could and I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe it until I see it.    Besides this video I also recorded…

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    Between the Real and the Odd

    Art is always an evolution and lately I’ve been playing around in my Ballpoint Pen Sketchbook, seeing if I could get something part way between my realistic style and my Odd style.   Here’s what I came up with…     What do you think?   An need smish of both worlds. Kaylee and her crew look nothing like, at 6 years old, that they did in year one, and while I don’t foresee them having any giant changes coming up, bridging that gap and seeing where it takes me is another art adventure. The style I use for Some Odd Girl is one I developed all on my own,…

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    Artsy Friday: 2 ACEOs In Progress

    This is a shorty short post but for Artsy Friday this week I’m working on these 2 ACEOs. Judy Bagwell mentioned ATCs the other day which got my wheels turning and I whipped up these. I posted them on IG and people wondered what the difference between ATC and ACEO is… well not much. ATC= Artist Trading Card ACEO= Art Card, Edition or Original They are the same size but one is meant for trading and one for keeping or selling. I bet, from the definitions, you can guess which is which. Since I didn’t intend the trade I’m calling mine ACEOs. They are on Illustration Board so we’ll see…

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    Artsy Friday: A New Coloring of a Throwback

    I have quite a few pieces from my “pencil only” days that I’d love to see in color but cringe at the thought of coloring the original. This past weekend I needed some calm zen time (why is a whole other story) so I had the idea to trace the basic outline of a piece I did in 2009 that fell into the color-cringe category and had at it with my copics, so we have a new coloring of a throwback pencil piece. I first tried on marker specific paper, not Xpress It but the art pad from Michaels. It was thin so traced easily but its non-bleed AND thin……

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    Copic Calligraphy

         Well I hope embedding the video from Instagram works. I’ve been giving my calligraphy a work out using the brush tip of my Copic Markers lately. I’m making some fun sentiments and cutfiles that you’ll see more of in June and in the future. The first of them are already up in my shop. Any requests for future words/phrases?   

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    Artsy Friday: Starting Small

    Wow, this is been quite a week. With all the time I spent in bed sick, all my carefully laid blog plans we’re for naught. But that doesn’t stop me from having a little sketch for you for Artsy Friday! Typically I’m continually drawing, if its not a full image then just a doodle or a quick sketch, but in the times when I can’t, sometimes it can be really slow to get back into. This is one of those times. I’m kind of starting out simple getting my penciling feet back underneath me with a fun little crab for a beach party. Hopefully next week will be a little…