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    Artsy (Thurs)Day: Picnic

    A lil sketch to share today of Mae and Kody on a picnic, holding hands like a sweet couple. Say awwwww with me… AWWWW! I’m in the Valentine’s Day mood I guess. I’m going to squeeze my kiddos, my hubs (who for the first time I can remember doesn’t have to work on Valentine’s Day), and my cats. One will not be pleased, the second likes it but doesn’t know better lol. I hope you have a lovey day!   

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    Artsy Friday: Expressions

    Today for Artsy Friday I have this pic I shared on IG on Wednesday of some warm up sketching I did. I was playing around with a few expressions on the girls faces… the bottom right is my fav!!! lol! I know I’ve made that face a time or two… or a million. It kinda reminded me of a comment that was made about eyelids. Yes, eyelids. Someone mentioned that when my Some Odd Girl images have partially closed eyes this person found them creepy. Everyone is welcome to their opinion obviously but it did get me thinking about how much most people probably don’t realize how much of a…

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    Artsy Friday: 2 ACEOs In Progress

    This is a shorty short post but for Artsy Friday this week I’m working on these 2 ACEOs. Judy Bagwell mentioned ATCs the other day which got my wheels turning and I whipped up these. I posted them on IG and people wondered what the difference between ATC and ACEO is… well not much. ATC= Artist Trading Card ACEO= Art Card, Edition or Original They are the same size but one is meant for trading and one for keeping or selling. I bet, from the definitions, you can guess which is which. Since I didn’t intend the trade I’m calling mine ACEOs. They are on Illustration Board so we’ll see…

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    Artsy Friday: The Beehive

    Happy Friday! Or Saturday or Thursday bc this morning I couldn’t remember what flippin day it was lol. I’m ready for the schedule the school year brings but we have a full month to go.  This gal here is pretty fun, I like the idea of a beehive hairdo but my hair doesn’t do anything it doesn’t want to so its all dreams and drawings for me. I’ve been seeing some tuts on Pinterest and its very le sigh.  I’ve given myself the big task of getting clear stamps thru March (yes MARCH) settled and in asap so I gotta hop back to it. I’m 2 drawings and 5 set…

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    Artsy Friday: Cat Lady Kaylee

    I’m working on getting ahead on some images and this one I’m really excited for! It turned out really cute, just what I had hoped for. You’ll have to wait and see the finished image (I think it will be an October edition) but if you like kitty’s too, you’ll squeeeeeee as well. We have a black cat, Selena, currently but are picking up our adopted girl, Azalea, on Saturday! I might be a rare breed of cat lady… I have kids, and a hubs, but heart my kitties 🙂  Also, and probably more fun, I have a new video going up on StampNation today all about the Copic Airbrush…

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    Artsy Friday: A New Coloring of a Throwback

    I have quite a few pieces from my “pencil only” days that I’d love to see in color but cringe at the thought of coloring the original. This past weekend I needed some calm zen time (why is a whole other story) so I had the idea to trace the basic outline of a piece I did in 2009 that fell into the color-cringe category and had at it with my copics, so we have a new coloring of a throwback pencil piece. I first tried on marker specific paper, not Xpress It but the art pad from Michaels. It was thin so traced easily but its non-bleed AND thin……

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    Artsy Friday: Geeky Gwen

    Artsy Friday: Geeky Gwen edition now I don’t have wavvy/curly hair but on so many days this is pretty much me. Got my phone and my cardi, hair pulled up in a bun-thing bc I have a crap ton of it now and my big ol glasses on. My big ol glasses were bought intending to be computer glasses, I have big eyes and pupils according to my eye dr so they ended up being really comfy to wear. For once I’m in fashion! lolol The only thing that would make her more me is jammie pants.  In other news, my new planner is almost done being all arranged and…

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    Artsy Friday: Summer Girl

    Happy July 4th! Be you celebrating in the US or just pretty darn happy its Friday. This lil sketch is a portrait for Artsy Friday: Summer Girl… you’ll get to meet her more in August. I’m having a lot of fun drawing her lately. She’s got herself quite a sass that is enjoyable 🙂    On a weird side note, I’m thinking of getting one of those balance balls to sit on while at my desk. Not that my chair is uncomfy but its supposedly better for circulation and posture, as well as the ability to bounce a bit, I think, would keep me a bit more focused on what I’m doing than…

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    Artsy Friday: Bloom, Throwback

    I have a throwback for Artsy Friday: Bloom.  She’s a pencil and watercolor pencil piece I did in 2008. I spiced up some colors with an app but the original is all greyscale. I’m thinking about coloring some of my older pencil pieces but this is one I don’t think I’d ever touch. I love her just the way she is. I have a different piece that I did when I went with copics over pencil but lawd if I can’t find it on my blog, I’ll repost it once I do. It’s fun to make “old” art “new” again by adding some color but this isn’t one of them.…

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    Artsy Friday: Ballerina Gwen

    Its Artsy Friday: Ballerina Gwen edition 🙂 Ever had the week where your creativity is on a total suck fest and though you have the urge to get things done you got nothing? My week this week. I got some things done but not those bigger projects I wanted to. I’m going to chill and clean this weekend and try to make a fresh go of it on Monday. Hope you have a fun weekend!