Artsy Friday

Artsy Friday: Geeky Gwen

Artsy Friday: Geeky Gwen, by Kristy Dalman, The Odd Girl of Some Odd Girl stamps

Artsy Friday: Geeky Gwen edition

now I don’t have wavvy/curly hair but on so many days this is pretty much me. Got my phone and my cardi, hair pulled up in a bun-thing bc I have a crap ton of it now and my big ol glasses on. My big ol glasses were bought intending to be computer glasses, I have big eyes and pupils according to my eye dr so they ended up being really comfy to wear. For once I’m in fashion! lolol The only thing that would make her more me is jammie pants.Β 

In other news, my new planner is almost done being all arranged and settled in. I’m pretty in love with it and can’t wait to share!

Check you all next week!



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