Artsy Friday: Summer Girl


Happy July 4th! Be you celebrating in the US or just pretty darn happy its Friday.

This lil sketch is a portrait for Artsy Friday: Summer Girl… you’ll get to meet her more in August. I’m having a lot of fun drawing her lately. She’s got herself quite a sass that is enjoyable 🙂 


On a weird side note, I’m thinking of getting one of those balance balls to sit on while at my desk. Not that my chair is uncomfy but its supposedly better for circulation and posture, as well as the ability to bounce a bit, I think, would keep me a bit more focused on what I’m doing than being all ADD. 

I think that rambling focus is a curse of creative people. Sometimes when I’m trying to solve a problem it gets done faster being worked on in the back on my mind while doing something else… sometimes that just ends up being procrastination. If the ball doesn’t work out for me, I have 2 kids who I know would happily take it.

Anyone out there have one?

I told you it was a weird side note.


Have a fabulous weekend!


  • Anna Sigga says:

    Happy 4th girlie – she sure looks fab! 😀

  • Danni says:

    I have several friends who swear by those balance balls! Lovin’ the new gal too! Fun!!

  • MelissaO says:

    THAT is a great idea! I may have to steal the one that sits in our basement doing nothing but holding dust.

  • Charity Chamberlain says:

    I can’t wait to see this beauty all completed! As far as that ball, I definately think there is something to your theory. I’m too much of a kid that I’d be bouncing like I was on a amusement park ride and would never get anything done, lol! My daughter on the other hand is very much a busy body. A friend of mine gave her one to play with and we can’t keep her off of it, she even begged me to allow her to sit on it while doing her school work. I thought for sure she’d be like me too busy playing, but instead she just sits there and gently bounces, doesn’t get distracted at all by the ball at all. She accomplishes more work while bouncing on that ball than she does while sitting in a chair. I hope it works for you 🙂 Keep us posted 🙂

    • Kristy says:

      there is something to that. My DD was given one to sit on in school bc she would pick and play with stuff while in class instead of listening to the teacher and that really helped her. I’m going to order one from Amazon and give it a go. 🙂

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