Artsy Friday: Expressions


Today for Artsy Friday I have this pic I shared on IG on Wednesday of some warm up sketching I did. I was playing around with a few expressions on the girls faces… the bottom right is my fav!!! lol! I know I’ve made that face a time or two… or a million.

It kinda reminded me of a comment that was made about eyelids.

Yes, eyelids.

Someone mentioned that when my Some Odd Girl images have partially closed eyes this person found them creepy. Everyone is welcome to their opinion obviously but it did get me thinking about how much most people probably don’t realize how much of a roll eyelids play in conveying expression and how much they move based on which direction you are looking.

Now I could go draw a chart, I even thought about it, but I found a pin on pinterest that already did it and probably better than mine would have turned out…

eye reference

Pinterest, and Crimson Bandit, for the win!

So lovelies, the next time you’re looking at yourself in the mirror or an image, don’t think eyelids are creepy, think of how much they help us express our thoughts and feelings. I will continue to think of how much they don’t want to keep my eyeshadow on as well but that’s a topic for another day.

Have a great weekend and I hope this was helpful!


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