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    Patreon Preview: Mermaid

    I’ve been working on a new piece for June’s Patreon. I have a lil preview for you below, but I’ve had a request, a very hopeful one I might add, for a mermaid and I had done some sketching previously but couldn’t come up with anything that inspired me to keep going.    But I finally did…     This is still in the sketch phase, the pics here, but the official inking of it is complete with a few changes… a girl has to keep a few secrets.   You’ll have to excuse the strangeness of the pics, they are literally photos of the screen, nice quality I’m sure.…

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    Between the Real and the Odd

    Art is always an evolution and lately I’ve been playing around in my Ballpoint Pen Sketchbook, seeing if I could get something part way between my realistic style and my Odd style.   Here’s what I came up with…     What do you think?   An need smish of both worlds. Kaylee and her crew look nothing like, at 6 years old, that they did in year one, and while I don’t foresee them having any giant changes coming up, bridging that gap and seeing where it takes me is another art adventure. The style I use for Some Odd Girl is one I developed all on my own,…

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    Artsy Friday: Expressions

    Today for Artsy Friday I have this pic I shared on IG on Wednesday of some warm up sketching I did. I was playing around with a few expressions on the girls faces… the bottom right is my fav!!! lol! I know I’ve made that face a time or two… or a million. It kinda reminded me of a comment that was made about eyelids. Yes, eyelids. Someone mentioned that when my Some Odd Girl images have partially closed eyes this person found them creepy. Everyone is welcome to their opinion obviously but it did get me thinking about how much most people probably don’t realize how much of a…

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    the Scarecrow

    I drew up this guys for October this week and while you’re not seeing all of it I’m pretty in love with him. I’m not usually a big seasonal person but Fall *is* my favorite.  I’m happy its Friday but next week I need to get started on some more digis, CHA goods AND Some Odd Girl’s next paper release. AHHHHHH! I’m going to start some behind the scenes on CHA planning and our next release 🙂 See you then!  

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    Artsy Friday: A New Coloring of a Throwback

    I have quite a few pieces from my “pencil only” days that I’d love to see in color but cringe at the thought of coloring the original. This past weekend I needed some calm zen time (why is a whole other story) so I had the idea to trace the basic outline of a piece I did in 2009 that fell into the color-cringe category and had at it with my copics, so we have a new coloring of a throwback pencil piece. I first tried on marker specific paper, not Xpress It but the art pad from Michaels. It was thin so traced easily but its non-bleed AND thin……

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    Artsy Friday: Friendship

    Its Artsy Friday: Friendship edition. Summer vacation for the kiddos started Tuesday so I’m hoping they look just as happy by September as Tia and Tobie do here. I will be in the fetal position in the corner with my wine… jk. Mostly. Maybe I can use my mental powers to project this on to my kids and in the process save my sanity. heh.  Its been a really looooong week where it feels like I’ve been making little headway due to some site issues that take up WAY more time then they should so getting to sketch a cute Friendship digi was a welcome change up.  I’ll see you next week!…

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    Artsy Friday: Throwback Sketch using Copic Markers

    One of the things I found when I moved my office was an empty (but giant) sketch pad that I put a lot of my older pieces into. I remember doing this piece while watching TV a couple years ago, it’s a sketch using Copic Markers over pencil. In my mind she was balancing on a log, hence the pose, but I never did draw the log lol.  The addition of copic markers was added mostly as an after thought. You’re much better off adding the pencil in your art after the markers but that doesn’t always work out when you go at it without a plan. 🙂 If you’ve done a…

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    Some Sketches from while I was Sick

    Last week, I totally got kicked on my butt by a really horrible bout of bronchitis and sinus infection and other crud. So that’s why you didn’t hear from me all last week because I spent the entire week either in bed or on the couch, which when I’m sick is typically not what I’m doing. Oh my, did that feel lame… but there was nothing else I could do. When it got to be about Thursday, I was finally getting used to being sick enough that I could do at least some sketches. That’s also the day I went to the doctor which helped a lot. As you can…

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    Artsy Friday: loads of sketches

    Happy Friday everyone! This week I’ve been making a really big push on getting a lot of images stockpiled for either the coming couple months of Digital releases or for upcoming clear stamp releases. I’ve been going with kind of a spring summer outdoorsy theme. I really gotten back in the groove after being sick for almost a week and then not being able to draw for another.  That’s always really tough! I really want to get images ready so I can start working on some other things, like more cut files, as well as a big project for some odd girl that’ll be coming out later in the year…

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    Artsy Friday: Starting Small

    Wow, this is been quite a week. With all the time I spent in bed sick, all my carefully laid blog plans we’re for naught. But that doesn’t stop me from having a little sketch for you for Artsy Friday! Typically I’m continually drawing, if its not a full image then just a doodle or a quick sketch, but in the times when I can’t, sometimes it can be really slow to get back into. This is one of those times. I’m kind of starting out simple getting my penciling feet back underneath me with a fun little crab for a beach party. Hopefully next week will be a little…