My New Office/Studio: Part 3

My New Office/Studio: Part 3

Welcome back for My New Office/Studio: Part 3! I’ve already shared part 1 and part 2 with you earlier this week so please check it all out for the tons of detailed pics. Today I have 1 last piece of my studio puzzle to share…

My New Office/Studio: Raskog Cart

My New Office/Studio: Part 3, Raskog Cart. Kristy Dalman, The Odd GIrl

Last up is my Raskog Cart. It sits next to my desk when not in use, then rolls over when its crafty time. Yeah, some of this stuff *could* have gone in the cabinets but, especially the top stuff, is just easier to have in this easy to access cart. If you have space for 1 (or 3, I keep coming up with more uses) I really recommend it!

In the top of my cart is my tool caddy, small paper cutter, and Cuttlebug with plates. The tool caddy and cuttlebug are much easier to get to with their handles being here rather than on a shelf stashed away. 

The middle holds my 6×6 pads, PL cards and small sheets of letter stickers. These are all things I dig for/thru when creating so they’re at a handy height.

Then the bottom has my watercolor paints and brushes, my metal dies and Tombow markers, with extra space to spare here so I *could* get more lol. SHHH! The Mr might not like that idea. 


I originally had purchased the cart to put all my coloring goods on but unfortunately my copic bag was just too dang big. After we rearranged the living room too, all the things I had wanted to put in had homes so it was free for craft goodies. 

I hope you like this look into my craft space/office space/ studio space lol. 

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with more details on my
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Thanks so much and don’t hesitate to ask questions on my space 🙂



  • Lenny says:

    Yep …have to write it again…AWESOME studio, Kristy!!!
    Love those Raskög Carts … I have two … 🙂

  • Rene says:

    I SO love these carts, you can get so much stuff in them!! Wish we could get them here in South Africa! Thanks for sharing

  • Sara S says:

    Awesome studio Kristy! Thank you for sharing your space with us. I really want one of those Raskog carts!

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