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Copic Storage Bag

Today I shot a little video to share about my new Copic Storage! Up front, I hate that I’m on the vid and I’m still not ok with hearing my own voice so look at the bag (which is lovely!) and my crazy cat who would simply NOT stay off my table long enough to shoot this.Β  πŸ˜‰

The video tells and shows about this new bag but I want to share some close up pics too. First off, wonderful and talented Virigina from Geeky and Sassy made me this awesome bag from this lame sketch I emailed her…

I dabble in sewing but I knew from the get go that this was WAY over my head! Luckily where I went “uuuummmmmmm…” Virginia knew exactly what to do! And here is close ups of the fabulous results! First you see the top front view of the bag. The fabric is Oslo Outside. A nice heavy canvas type fabric.

In these 2 pics you can see how the grid/dividers is held in with buttons and elastic. This set up is sturdy and allows everything to come apart if need be for washing and and such. Handy eh?

The front of the bag has a super handy pocket with velcro closure. You can put anything you might need with your copics in here. Paper, ink, etc etc etc.

Virginia even included this cute little tag tied with a ribbon with a sweet message on the back.

I included that one just for eye candy πŸ˜‰

I hope you like and enjoyed!


ETA: Just over a year later I made a change to the bag and took out the grid and inserted 12 of the plastic 36 count copic cases as my markers kept slipping down. It fit the bag PERFECTLY and works a ton better! Here’s a pic from above that you can see the bins


Thanks for checking it out! πŸ™‚




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