Coloring White with Spa Day Mae


Happy tuesday! Today is a brand new Digi Stamp release at Some Odd Girl and for each shop item I color and scan a version in for the listing. I could have gone with any old color but I thought since I was coloring it up anyway why not couple it with a tut on coloring white!

For my tut I’m using a few of my favorite color combos but if you want to mix up the colors go for it.

Believe it or not, a white object has a lot of color depending on the light, the setting its in and other factors so when coloring a white object you do have to use some color. Don’t let that intimidate you! A ton of us have white things around the house and using your Artist’s Eye and, unless you’re a color nerd like me, a color list you can successfully build a combo you love too.

For Spa Day Mae I wanted a warm white with cooler shadows and make it look soft and fuzzy. 

Here we go!


I used E40 to establish my warm white then added V22 to start adding my shadows both using a motion that mimics the edge of the towel on the image.


I like a lot of texture and depth so I built up my shadows with C3 and BV23. After that I used 0 to go over the coloring to soften the hard lines up. That’s an optional move but I like how it works. Take a closer look at with and without…


Can you see, especially on BV23, how the addition of 0 (colorless blender marker if you wonder) melds the colors and makes the texture look less “pointy”? I like that!

Just to show you the whole image together check out the image from the shop


The texture added really conveys “fuzzy towel” to me rather than being wrapped in a curtain lol.

You can take this technique to anything fuzzy, critters, I’m thinkin sheep especially or fuzzy dogs especially, foliage, or even short hair and beards. Run wild with it!

Now, hop over to the shop and pick up Mae and see the other new images in the shop. See you next time!


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