My Portable Tool Caddy

Portable Tool Caddy

This is my new favorite thing and I had to share! 

The turn of the season at Target is a great time to find unexpected and useful treasures and that was the case with this. I picked up this outdoor condiment caddy clearanced out at my local store for about $3. It looked so useful that even though I had no idea what the heck I was going to use it for it came home with me. 

Shortly after I reorganized my crafting supplies and this caddy became the perfect home for my frequently used tools that were displaced. I now wish I had done it WAY sooner! I think I’m a much tidier crafter with this thing as I can put it away as I go instead of leaving it all everywhere.


I’ve packed a ton into this thing and each section is kind of themed…

1. Pens and long tools (Xacto knife, screwdriver etc)
2. Scissors and other cutters (with a magnet for my stitching needle)
3. Adhesives
4. Rulers, more but different adhesives, and a fold up table top trash bag

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the folding trash bag is another favorite thing and Target find that I’m in love with. Its so much easier to throw the scraps and junk in there then empty at the end. 

If you’ve been having trouble keeping your tools together or within easy reach I totally recommend this idea! 

Now if only I could keep the rest of the stuff on my desk tidy it would be perfect.


What’s your favorite way to store your tools?

  • Anna Sigga says:

    What a fab idea girlie!

  • Tabbatha S says:

    I so want one of these, including the folding trash bag. AWESOMe! I miss Target. *sigh*

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