August Patreon Goodies

This month I have a couple of new images for my Patreon peeps, well, that’s *every* month but for some reason I’m really happy with these. Maybe its all that hair? I puffy heart drawing hair, like you didn’t know that already.




Going from right to left, because I’m backasswards like that, we first come to the new image, Blown Away. You know me and my amazing facility for naming my pieces *cough cough* but this one is pretty obvious. Fun flowing hair and lots of rustling fabric to taunt you when you color, seems like a good time!


The second image is just named Hair Do, though I really should call it Up Do, don’t you think? I have super short hair so le shrug on where this came from but more fun hair to color as well as some interesting variables to light source you can take advantage of to test your skillz there.


Lastly is the lil guy with the asterisk next to him. Copic Marker is running a lil Pokemon contest that I simply had to get in on so I drew up that Psyduck, colored him up, and posted him on Instagram. Psyduck is pretty my spirit animal and this one here is the look I have when I get artist block. There was no sense keeping him to myself so I’ve included him as a lil extra for you guys 🙂


As for non images I give you August’s desktop background. I went super dark for August as I really liked how that coloring session turned out, I hope you do too. I am at my computer a lot at night, early morning so the dark background will be nice.


For the 2 images this month, Blown Away and Hair Do (Up Do), I recorded the drawing and inking of both. I’ll be editing these into to Speed Art videos and uploading them to my Art Channel on YouTube. I’ve also been outlining some How to Draw videos (H2D, I’m calling it) that I want to do that will go there in the future, that’s the plan right now, so share it with your friends 🙂


As always, share when you get to have a go with these images, feel free to post your colored versions on Instagram and tag me! I’d love it way too much! Check out my art account for more WIPs, and the Some Odd Girl IG for craftiness.

Until next time!


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