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My New Office/Studio: Part 1

My New Office/Studio, Kristy Dalman, The Odd Girl (owner/artist of Some Odd Girl stamps & designs)

Recently I reorganized my work area and I’d like to share with you my new Office/Studio!

I have 4 areas I thought you’d like to see that I took lots of pictures of. I originally wrote this post all in one but oh MY was it way too long so I’ve broken it up into 3 parts that I’ll be sharing with you this week and will link all together.

My New Office/Studio: Picture Wall

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The Picture Wall, which is what I call it, is my favorite part of my space.

Some art is mine and some is from others (2 are prints from Loish, she’s one of my favorite artists I discovered in the last couple years). On the far right is a print from Society 6 that says “A Pencil & a Dream can take you Anywhere.” That print is totally my mantra and I look at it often. Above it I’ve put my small vintage wall mount pencil sharpener collection, I just love them to bits.

The second picture in the slideshow is my collection of POP vinyl and momiji dolls, except Nick Fury is neither, but he’s still awesome. Ash, from the Evil Dead series, is the latest addition. I couldn’t resist having my own mini Bruce Campbell. He’s a local boy, ya know.

The third pic has a few things: 1) This is a picture of Leah, Katie, and I from CHA-W 2014 at the Scotch booth, love it up on my wall! 2) My spectrum noirs 3) my prisma colored pencils 4) my Chameleon Color Tones in a cute Owl utenzil holder from Target. I horded that holder for the perfect thing and the Chameleons fit great!

Pictures 4 & 5 show what is in my tilt drawers. Its actually an Ikea shoe cabinet that I use for work goods. They were purchased for our first CHA in 2012. Drawer 1 on the left (Pic 4) holds my art in progress and portfolios, and drawer 2 Cardstock, some photography bits and more art such as completed pieces and printed digis that haven’t been used. Drawer 1 on the right (Pic 5) has my planner, Pantone Color Swatch books, note pads and my flatbed scanner, then Drawer 2 has my coloring papers and other computer odds and ends. The shoe cabinets hold file folders really well so if you need something for a small space I can completely recommend them! 


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Thanks so much and don’t hesitate to ask questions on my space 🙂





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