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    Artsy Friday: 2 ACEOs In Progress

    This is a shorty short post but for Artsy Friday this week I’m working on these 2 ACEOs. Judy Bagwell mentioned ATCs the other day which got my wheels turning and I whipped up these. I posted them on IG and people wondered what the difference between ATC and ACEO is… well not much. ATC= Artist Trading Card ACEO= Art Card, Edition or Original They are the same size but one is meant for trading and one for keeping or selling. I bet, from the definitions, you can guess which is which. Since I didn’t intend the trade I’m calling mine ACEOs. They are on Illustration Board so we’ll see…

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    ACEO: a little Smexy

    that’s what my bestie Leah says, its smexy πŸ™‚ One of my New Year’s Goals is to do more “for me” art and last night I found my packs of ATC bristol cards that I had lost (lost = put away for safe keeping and forgot where that was) so it was pretty much required I do something with them… the pencil sketch from last night… the inked version Tonight I’m planning on giving her some color. Something rich I think.Β  Well at least if I bust on the rest of my goals I can say I made a start on this one πŸ˜‰