Nature Digital Art Inking video

Howdy there! I have a digital art process video to share with you guys today, it is a portion of the digital inking of one of March’s Patreon exclusive line arts, Nature. 


Its a speed drawing (inking?) video the compresses a couple hours worth of inking down into a more easily digested video. Check it out…



I used an app called AZ Screen Recorder to capture this from my tablet, I’m really surprised it worked as well as it did. The app *said* it could and I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe it until I see it. 


Besides this video I also recorded some footage from the sketch phase to the end of one of the pieces that will be up for April. It doesn’t have a name yet but I think you’ll like it anyway.


Next week I’ll have the first installment of my Digital Doodling series up for you so be ready with your questions and requests for future videos, I really think this is going to be a fun series but you’ll definitely have to deal with my rambling. 


See you again later this week!


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