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We’re coming towards the end of March so its time to tease one of the new digital art pieces that patrons on my Patreon will be getting in their April goodies.


For this piece I had the mental image of when you call someone’s name suddenly who has their back to you and they do the quick spin around to see who’s there. Did I nail it?



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Maybe not “nailed” but it invokes that motion for me. 


The toughest part of this was the hand she has up in the front. I think I drew it more than a dozen times before I then tortured my daughter and my hubs to pose so I could take pictures with their arm just so. In the end I went with the hand from one of my daughter’s pics. Can you imagine how hard it is to get someone to pose from you in just the right position when they can’t see what you’re after? Luckily hubs is patient and my daughter thinks being a model for one of my drawings is “pretty cool”. The rest of her pose I worked out on my own though it took a bit to get how I wanted it. 


My lovely patrons will be getting this and/or one other piece that I haven’t shared yet, I might tease it on Instagram this week so keep an eye out. Also, I’m still working on the digital doodling videos but need to figure out a better way to capture sound… direct from the tablet mic is really pretty crappy. Works, but not that great. I discovered that after shooting the first one, uploading it to my computer for editing and yeesh, muy no bueno. 


In the meantime, if you like this piece please sign up for my Patreon. Its monthly exclusives and other goodies, I’d love to have you aboard!



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