April 2016 Patreon



I’m excited to show you guys what my lovely Patrons go for their April goodies.


First off is the April desktop background. After 3 false starts at coloring the exclusive, Nature, from March I finally got in gear and finished her up just as March was closing. She fits the April showers bring May flowers theme, huh? Though here in Michigan on April 2 we had pretty much a blizzard going. SMH Michigan, SMH. You can check out the full finished piece on my Society6 account, give yourself a giftie and take her home.


The first level girls will be getting the image I shared on my blog on last week, Spin. I’m going to be interested to see how they color her as from the angle of how she’s posed, turning around and all, you’ll have some interesting light source choices to make. It’ll make for a really fun coloring session!


Second level girls will also be getting the just new to see image, Daydream. This one is going to put their pleats and folds skills to the test, trust me! They probably both will but this one more so.


I really so so appreciate all my Patrons showing your support in this special venue. Next month will be 6 months of patreon for me so we’ll have to do something fun. Its too late to sign up and get April’s goodies but you can be signed up and ready for May. I’d say its worth it.



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