6 years of Odd

So today I brought 2 drawing pads, 1 for me and 1 for Selena. Its working so far! Here's a snippet of what I drew up last night. What do you think? #SomeOddGirl


I’m singing it from the roof tops, today is the 6th Birthday of Some Odd Girl! I guess you could call it the 6th anniversary of my career as a professional artist. 

I’m not going to lead you to believe that its been all a song and dance (I can’t stop the puns), but its been quite an adventure. Many ups, many downs, a ton of learning and learning things I didn’t think I’d ever need to know. But even thru everything, there is no regrets. I love being able to do what I do, all the people I’ve met, the friends I’ve made that I hope to keep for a long time.

I’m not super verbose today, I’m still flippin sick with this bronchitis, but its still amazing its gone this long. Even I’m interested in what the next year, 2 or 3 even, will bring. 

Any guesses?


  • Shelley says:

    Congratulations! Your art, your sharing, your generosity… little wonder you’re still going strong! 🙂

  • Sharon Field says:

    Happy 6th Birthday to you, and my guess is, as long as you keep doing what you have been doing and continue to enjoy it, your success will continue! Sure hope you get to feeling better real soon…

  • doudou2106 says:

    Congratulations! Happy 6th birthday!!! Love so much Some Odd Girl Stamps!!!

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