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    Copic Color Swatch: Pepper Shaker Digi Stamp

    Happy Monday! I have a new Copic Color Swatch palette for you. This is a peppery colored version of the digi stamp, Shaker. I hope you like it!     Besides this fun lil dude its the first full week of ODDtober Fest at Some Odd Girl, yo! You’ll want to read my blog post over there today for all the details and then go hunting for the TODAY ONLY FREEBIE. Yes, I said “freebie”.  Have a great week, talk soon!

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    Copic Coloring of a Carrot

    Today I’m releasing some new Digi Stamps at Some Odd Girl and after coloring them all for the shop I thought it might be a fun idea to make up some Swatches for you guys! To see the entire release please head over to the new release section of the shop, there’s 18 new images for you.   First up on my Swatches I have Carrot, I can’t help myself, I think he’s pretty cute…         What do you think of this format? I’m adding them to the item descriptions in the shop as I go so please give them a Pin or Share them with your…

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    April Color Swatch Journal, Part 1

    Today I have for you this month’s Color Swatch Journal. If you are scratching your head at that, in part 1 (you can see the first post with all the deets on the first edition) we give you a color prompt and you play with the medium of your choice to see what color combos you can come up with, then in part 2 we put them to use. I post the prompts here and on the Some Odd Girl blog blog but all the fun of seeing everyone’s takes and try outs goes on in our Community. The prompt has an example color group for Copic Markers and Spectrum…

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    3 Great Coloring Journals to Inspire You

    Hey everyone! Next week in the Some Odd Girl Community on Facebook we are going to be kicking off a monthly Coloring Journal project. We had talked in the group about how fun it would be so dang it, let’s do it! We’ll have all the details next week Wednesday but I thought to give you the heads up with 3 great examples so you can be ready to go. I’ve gathered my bits for my journal, which I’ll be sharing next week when its put together. These 3 are different takes on a Coloring Journal, they all use Copics but you obviously don’t have to. Debbie Olson Debbie taught all…

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    Color Swatch: Hair Color Combo 2, Blue-Black Hair

    On this edition of Color Swatch I am tackling a Blue-Black Hair Combo with both Spectrum Noir and Copic Markers. With any black hair color combo I recommend going all the way to black, not just a dark grey, and that’s what I’ve done with these two combos…     On both of the swatches I noted the paper I used to color these on. I’m getting better at using the bullet tips for hair. I’ll slowly switch out my chisel tips for brush tips but I’ll just look at it as practice until then. Besides the differences in how I laid down the actual color, I think this color…

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    Color Swatch: Skin Combo 2, dark skin

    Hey everyone! Spring break is slowing everything down around here but Color Swatch rolls on! If you’re just joining in, bi-weekly I have a new color combo and comparison for you in both Copic Markers and Spectrum Noirs. I also have some downloadable swatches so make sure to check them all out and see what you missed. This week I have a second skin color combo to share with you, hop back to the first combo to grab the blank swatch for Skin.   For these combos I used different papers, as noted on the swatches. I had been using the XPress it with the Noirs which, for me, is not…

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    Color Swatch: Hair Color Combo 1, Blonde

    Welcome to the second edition of Color Swatch! Last time I shared with you a basic light skin combination using both Copic Markers and Spectrum Noirs. This week I’m going to share with you a basic Blonde hair combo For each of these colorings I used Copic XPress It paper and compared colors until I came up with 2, 5 color blends that were really similar. Each has 4 colors and 1 for a shadow color. The shadow color is added on the gradient after the dashed line so you can see the mix with and without.    This combo does look a little different in person vs in scanner,…

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    Color Swatch: Skin Combo 1

    Today I’m kicking off a new series that is going to be recurring on my blog. I’m calling it Color Swatch. Recently I got my hands on a set of Spectrum Noirs, I’ve had a lot of people request color combos or my take with this brand vs my trusty and well loved Copics so we’ll be going over some color combos that work for both. I want to be able to provide my customers with a wide range of information on what’s so everyone can benefit.   A little aside. The color combinations, while very similar won’t be exact. You are not going to find an exact match between…