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Color Swatch: Hair Color Combo 2, Blue-Black Hair


On this edition of Color Swatch I am tackling a Blue-Black Hair Combo with both Spectrum Noir and Copic Markers. With any black hair color combo I recommend going all the way to black, not just a dark grey, and that’s what I’ve done with these two combos…


Color Swatch by Kristy Dalman Blue Black Hair with Spectrum Noir
Color Swatch by Kristy Dalman Blue Black Hair with Copic Markers


On both of the swatches I noted the paper I used to color these on. I’m getting better at using the bullet tips for hair. I’ll slowly switch out my chisel tips for brush tips but I’ll just look at it as practice until then. Besides the differences in how I laid down the actual color, I think this color combo really matches brand to brand. 

If you’d like to grab your own blank swatch to color your own of either or both of these combos, go to my first Hair Color Combo Color Swatch post and download your own copy.

The colored versions above are great to pin, save to your computer (just right click -> save image), or even print but remember, printing will not give you an accurate color like printing this on your prefered coloring paper and coloring it yourself will. With later combos and topics I will be having different swatches for you to use.

Please feel free to share these by linking back to my blog, and this post, so others can see all the information and grab their own blank swatches.

Any requests for the next Swatch?

I’ll see you for our next Color Along tomorrow at 1pm!



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