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Color Swatch: Skin Combo 1


Today I’m kicking off a new series that is going to be recurring on my blog. I’m calling it Color Swatch.

Recently I got my hands on a set of Spectrum Noirs, I’ve had a lot of people request color combos or my take with this brand vs my trusty and well loved Copics so we’ll be going over some color combos that work for both. I want to be able to provide my customers with a wide range of information on what’s so everyone can benefit.


A little aside.

The color combinations, while very similar won’t be exact. You are not going to find an exact match between the two different brands, that’s just not the way it works. Spectrum has about half the colors available as Copic so there may be more than 1 Copic similar to the Spectrum, I am making observations and making a color call.  

On to the coloring fun!


Basic Light Skin – Combo 1

For each of these colorings I used Copic XPress It paper and compared colors until I came up with 2, 5 color blends that were really similar. Each has 4 colors for a basic light skin tone and 1 for a shadow color. The shadow color is added on the gradient after the dashed line so you can see the mix with and without. 

I started with a basic combo that is widely used for Copics and found its sister combo with the Spectrums…

Skin Combo 1 Spectrum Noir
Skin Combo 1 Copic Markers


One thing I did notice is that I used the Copic XPress It, which is my normal go-to coloring paper, and I’m not feeling that its the best paper for the Spectrum Noirs. When making the gradients, the Spectrums did a lot of feathering so I’m on the look out for a paper that works better with them. 

*remember, a good marker is only half the battle; paper & marker have to work together for the best results*


Now for you I have a blank version for Skin of the swatch I’m using above. You can use it to recreate this color combo, Spectrum or Copic, or with any medium you choose as its medium neutral.


The colored versions above are great to pin, save to your computer (just right click -> save image), or even print but remember, printing will not give you an accurate color like printing this on your prefered coloring paper and coloring it yourself will. With later combos and topics I will be having different swatches for you to use.

Please feel free to share these by linking back to my blog, and this post, so others can see all the information and grab their own blank swatches.


A fun thing to do with these would be to either punch the corner and keep a ring of swatches or start your own coloring journal. Both are a fun way to explore color!


I will see you back here tomorrow for our Wednesday Live Color Along 1pm lunch date… finally!



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