Tuesday To Do – Felt Ornament

My To-Do for this week is a fun lil project that you can make for lil gifties or for yourself or if you’re daring or have older kids, with your children. This is my To-Do to make a Felt Photo Ornament 🙂

1. These are the materials you will need…

Your cuttlebug, Large Circle Nestablilites (or if you’re super creative you could cut these freehand), at least 1 color of felt, yarn, a yarn needle and whatever you want to use to further decorate 🙂
2. Using the largest die of the Nesties and your cuttlebug to cut out 1 circle in the color of your choice, I picked red. Then using the largest and the middle sized circle (4 of 7) to cut out a ring of red felt.
3. Take your yarn and thread your yarn needle. Start your blanket stitch so the knot is between the two layers of felt to hide it. Also think about where/how you are going to embellish and if you can hide the end knot and start from there. The top is a good choice because the tie you will put on to hang the ornament will hide the knot. 
4. Choose a photo that will fit inside the cut out and cut it slightly larger than the hole, use the felt that was cut out to create the window as a guide. I had cut a open spot at the top of my ornament to insert the pic but I found that its not actually necessary because I could lift and insert thru the window 🙂
5. Decorate to your hearts content! I added some chipboard buttons with felt mats and some bling. If you sew buttons on be careful not to stick it close to the window. You could also glue your embellishments on. 
6. At the top, where your ornament will hang straight, tie a piece of yarn or twine or a hook to be able to hand your ornament and you’re done! 
I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! I’m thinking of making a few of these for my craft show on Saturday. 🙂 If you make one please link it up or email me and show me! 

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  1. Are you using a special weight of felt for your ornaments (like either the cheap kind you can get at craft stores, or the nicer 100% wool?), or does it matter what kind you use? Thanks! 🙂

    • At the time I was using the craft felt from Hobby Lobby but I think it would be nicer if you were to use the Wool Felt. I haven’t tried running that thru the Cuttle Bug but with enough passes I assume it would work.

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