Chameleon APs Movie Monday

Chameleon APs Movie Monday Video Tutorial and Speed Coloring

Happy Monday everyone! Its a Chameleon APs Movie Monday!

Today I have the floor on Movie Monday at Some Odd Girl’s YouTube Channel and I’m sharing with you a longer flick about the Chameleon APs (APs = Art Pens, took me a sec too). I share with you how the markers work and are different from traditional alcohol based markers, my techniques for coloring Skin and Hair, then finish up by Speed Coloring thru the Digi Stamp Bubbles Mermaid. Its a longer video but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway. 

So what did you think? Shortly this week I’ll have 2 shorter videos, on each technique, in the works. Once I can get an hour’s worth of quiet during summer vacation I’ll be in business! Mr. Some Odd Girl will probably get the duty to make that happen lol. I’m sure this won’t be my last (set of) video either. 

 I’ve been very lucky to get to play with these for a few months now and they’re a lot of fun! Since testing (and breaking) them at CHA 🙂 I’m told that they will be shipping around mid-July so I hope this video gives you a place to start from and shares how these are a different marker and compliment to whatever you already have. 


  • Rachel Parys says:

    Awesome tut!! I haven’t seen these before, and now I want to get my hands on some!! Thanks for the info!

    • Kristy says:

      They’re a lot of fun, you’ll really love’em Rachel!

  • Charity Chamberlain says:

    Wow she came out beautifully! Question… Do you find those markers more time consuming to use since you have to stop so much to fill the blender?

    • Kristy says:

      No, not really. Since you aren’t switching markers or looking for just the right color I think its even. Also Im nit picky, I bet you could do it even faster 🙂

      • Charity Chamberlain says:

        Sad part is I’m nit picky too which is aweful for me with the Copics and Spectrum noir markers and I’m still learning how to use them, lol. It’s a much different concept to me that painting and airbrushing. Not so much blending but more light sourcing. I must say I do like the concept of these markers only being a single marker rather than needing several. Thanks again for the tutorial on them, I might just give them a shot 🙂

  • Carol Held says:

    Well Kristy, you are a very patient woman…lol..I love your colouring, so that adds to the quality of the Chameleon Marker! They should be thanking YOU, for the wonderful tutorial you did, bringing this new concept to life! The colour range for just a single colour was great. I see you had to colour off the page to see what colour was coming out, so there was no surprises…lol..I was very impressed at your ability to make their product come to life. You’re AWESOME with the texturing, and setting down the right tones. I commend you!!! The only thing I’m concerned about with me purchasing these, is the PATIENCE to wait for the blending solution to activate…I’d need to really practice, that’s a given! Thanks again for taking the TIME to show me this product in action! Awesome colouring!

    • Kristy says:

      I’m glad you liked it! The few seconds go by really quick, especially when you use it to plan your next spot. I can really zen out with these bc there isn’t switching markers (though I can zen out coloring anytime lol). If you get them and have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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