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Copic Skin Shadow Colors

Welcome to the last How to for our month! I decided to do a Copic tutorial that while I was making it decided I should go back to do a video BUT with kiddos home today that’s going to have to wait for a little quiet lol. So for today’s tut I used the 2 most common skin color combos I see around and have 3 examples of how you can add deeper shadows. 

Here are the colors I’m using today

For the first set I started off with the color combo E000, E00, E01 and did basic shading with my light source coming from the upper right. I’m using Gifty Gwen for my example today. Click on the pictures to be able to see them bigger.

Next I went in and added, just to the places where the deepest shadows would be (shadow of her skirt, under her chin, the right of her face, hairline), with BV20 then went back over it with E00 to blend it in. Going back over it also gives the purple more of a look that its under the skin rather than your shadow floating on top.

My fav skin shadow colors have that purple tint to them. If you take a look at your own arm (and this is different for different skin tones, here I’m talking caucasian) and really take a look at the shadows on your own skin you’ll notice they aren’t just a grey tone. Grey but the undertone of violet.  You can go even deeper by adding BV23 next.

For a more subtle example try the same color combo but used BV000

This one also gives the same shading but a little different look. You can add BV00 to take it a bit darker too.  Take a look at the little comparison.

After that is when I would be adding my cheek color of R000 and R00. For my next example I’m going to another popular skin combo of E00, E01 and E11.

To add the deepest shadows I used W2.

The warm greys are great for shading too! Get even deeper shadows by using w3 next. Going that next step and thinking about your shadows will give your coloring job more depth and look less flat. Experiment with different colors to get different looks.

I hope you liked this and see you back here tomorrow for the announcement of all the winners!


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