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Speed Coloring – Windy Day

This is a piece that sort of took on a life of its own. I drew this while watching Game of Thrones (I don’t watch much tv but that’s not to miss as I heart the books!). I was afraid the inked product wouldn’t match to the pencil but I really like how it turned out. I inked her with black copic Multiliner and the grass and clouds with grey. I really like the contrast just in the line work that way. Because of that I colored right on the original. I usually scan and print it just in case of a mess up (and they usually end up as digis anyway) so I was a smidge worried about ruining it as I jumped in with half a plan. I had to refill 2 markers part way thru and discovered that I need to get refills for my E40s if I don’t have them already. It was drawn and colored on Strathamore Recycled Sketch paper. Its very think and acts differently than my normal paper.Β 

I did a speed coloring video to go along with it but I didn’t realized I missed the last part until I went to edit it together. I filled and emptied the memory card 3 times for what I have and when I had to stop the last time I ate dinner came back and finished… and forgot to hit record :3 DUH! Its everything but the dress so at least its mostly there.Β 

I hope you like and enjoyed!


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