10 ways to use washi tape


 We are all hording the sticky, tacky colorful goodness that is Washi Tape! We use it in Smash Pages, Scrapbook Pages, Cards and other creations. Below I have 10 ways that you can use this plethora of patterns on a roll.

1. Sentiments/Journaling

Stamp or write directly on to the tape (a solvent based stamp in or slick writer style pen works best) then add it to your project. Its a different way to add your sentiment and in scrapbooking the low tack tape makes it easy to make corrections without ruining your page.

2. Borders

Make your own border stickers with Washi Tape and decorative scissors! Another reason not to throw those kiddy shears away!

3. Banners

A little coordinating twine, tape and scissors is all you need to make a fun and easy banner element for scrapbook pages or just to hang up in your craft space.

4. Flags

Little stick pin flags are all the rage right now! Make your own with some colorful topped pins and tape. Punch or stamp onto the tape for that little bit extra detail.

5. cover ANYTHING

If you can stick tape to it you can give it the Washi Treatment. Pencils, shelves, boxes, cutlery, vases, pots, phone covers, pill bottles (like my excederin tension headache here) and much much more. The transparent nature of the tape means you can go nuts with layers of color and pattern. Why have a boring world?

6. Binding Tape

Make your own mini albums, books, hide some journaling and more! Washi tape is strong yet flexible enough to make it a great substitute for binding tape. 

7. Make your own Trim

Pleat it, fringe it, ruffle it or whatever else you can come up with to make a fabulous trim that you then don’t have to mess around with adhering. If you don’t want a portion to stick (like on the fringe) just dust the back with embossing powder to make the sticky, unsticky.

8. Masking

Make your own shapes, patterns and backgrounds using your Washi Tape like a mask. Stick it down gently and wait for your paper to dry before peeling it up to see your results. Varying the width of tape can also add interest.

9. Backgrounds

Cover the whole background of a card, make a frame for a picture or your own customized pattern paper shape with a bit of tape, scrap paper and your favorite die. 

10. Organization

Since the tape is low tack its great to label things you may want to relabel later. Files, boxes, shelves, anything and everything can be identified without permanently writing on it with Washi Tape!


I know this has barely scratched the surface of things we can do with this versatile item. So that begs that question, what do you do with your Washi?


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