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Getting Texture with Colorless Blender

Today for my little tut for copic week is about getting texture in your coloring using your colorless blender, pen or solution.

There’s alot of different ways to use your colorless blender to add texture to your coloring projects. You can use either your Blender Pen itself or the colorless blender solution (refill for the marker, various ink). When you are adding texture its a good idea to plan ahead and color the area that you want to texturize first otherwise you might not be able to avoid adding dots or a grid to some poor girls face or hair. Unless that’s what you’re going for that is.  :mrgreen:

For my examples I added texture to Sweet Thinkin Mae’s dress using stamps and fabric and blender solution for the texture. I colored her dress like I normally would then I picked out a fabric with a definite weave/texture. Dabbing on my blender solution onto the fabric (I used a wash cloth and a woven mitten) from the bottle as evenly as possible then pressed in to the colored area.

If you want a softer feel to your texture then do this right after coloring, while the ink is still wet. If you want a crisper pattern then wait until your coloring is dry.

Another fun way to add texture and even pattern to your coloring is by using a rubber stamp. You will want to use a clean sponge (or if its a small area your marker) to apply the blender to your stamp, I just used my Ranger Foam pad with the handle. You want to use the sponge to apply it to the stamp (also make sure your stamp is clean) so it is damp but not wet and runny. Then just stamp and press like you were applying color!

You can see on my blue example that I really did think my stamp was clean… but it wasn’t lol. It would still make a cute paper pieced dress 🙂 Using this technique can add life to those gaudy pattern stamps you were wondering what to do with (that I wish I had some now!) . You can also use the marker to add textures like brick, polka dot, stripes and pretty much whatever you can come up with!

Another fun thing to do would be to go back after your texturizing is done and add color to where your blender has pushed the original color away.

Now Mae has a cute lil summer dress 🙂 Think of that technique with a flower pattern! CUTE!

See you tomorrow for a little (hehe) how to on keeping all your copic ideas in one place! 🙂


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