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Dew Drop Storage How To

 I have a problem.

I admit it.

I am completely in love with these little colorful Dew Drops by Memento! They don’t take up a ton of space but you can get a ton of colors! As a result they have been growing faster than tribbles on a space station in my stash (I have a Trekie hubby lol) with no good place to put them that was easy to get to and didn’t keep falling over. The other problem I have is seeing things in the Target clearance section and assuming that I can do something with that. Luckily this time my two problems solved themselves 🙂 I bought this Condiment Caddy about a year ago thinking to put the $1 bin tins in it but they were too big for the basket. So it sat. And sat.

And sat.

I couldn’t figure out what to do with it with that basket on there. Then my hubs says, “why don’t you just cut it off?” WhaaaaAAAAaaat? from that this idea was born.

All you need to make your own is your own condiment caddy, I like the pole in the center for added stability, 2′ x 2′ piece of thin wood, Glue (make sure its a type that can glue plastic to wood, I used Goop), 4 PVC pipe parts that fit around your pole in the center these are called “PVC Schedule 40 Bushing 1.25″/.50″” , White Spray paint.

First thing we had to do was to take it apart to get the main section off of the basket section. Then my hubs had to make good on his thought of “just cut it off” with our Dremel. 

Then gather all your parts together. Use the main base to trace out 4 circles on your wood then one smaller circle to go in the bottom. Then cut them out with a jig saw, sand down any rough edges and drill holes in the center big enough to accommodate the center pipe.

Next you are going to build up your shelves by making a wood and pipe sandwich. Glue the smallest circle to the bottom then glue your first Bushing to the wood, then glue your first full sized circle to the bushing… etc etc until all your shelves are done. Then let it dry overnight so the glue fully sets. After it sets then you can spray paint your creation.

After its all sprayed and dry just reassemble the lazy susan portion of the condiment caddy and…



At the end you’ll come out with 5 shelves that are the perfect sized for the dew drops! You can fit 12 on each shelf so 60 in all. I don’t nearly have 60, only 26, so there’s still a lot of room to grow. With the awesome end labels you can easily see what each color is then you can spin it to find what you need. 

Besides the cost of the caddy, I think I spent about $14 ($3 for the wood, $4 for the pipes ($1 each), $4 for the spray paint, $3 for the glue) which is a price happily paid to make these little jewels of color accessible! 

I hope that gives you some ideas! What homemade storage solutions have you made?



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