Saturated Canary and Some Odd Girl

Hello friends!
My name is Krista, and I blog over at Saturated Canary.
I draw character stamps, too.

It is a funny thing, being an artist…and a fellow stamp designer.
Most people might think we artists all stay in our own corners…

Kristy is in the ODD corner;)…I think her corner of this crafty world is tidy, fun, and super quirky.
I’m in the cluttered, messy corner; but I try and keep it somewhat cute and welcoming.

Different corners in the same room…
We both draw characters.
We both sell stamps.
We both have a business plan and an agenda to reach our crafty dreams.

The funny thing is, I really–like REALLY– love Kristy’s designs.
I visit her blog often…not to keep tabs, but because I feel *genuinely* inspired by it.
I get kinda pumped up by her thoroughness. Her ‘on-time-ness.’ Her hard work.
I like visiting her internet spaces because they are branded well and feel happy.
…It’s like getting a good pep talk in the artist locker room!

I met Kristy at CHA.

Her booth was SO cute. I loved the colors she chose and the simple but charming design.
I was kinda scared to even step in it…
Like– WOAHHHHH…Frazzled woman walking into neat, organized area. I feel like a hazard in that type of space:). Kristy was sweet and adorable. Just like her CHA space. 
And if I wasn’t afraid of seeming like a creeper, I probably would have smooshed her with a big hug. (I wanted to hug Amy Tangerine, too…But I woulda broke that chick…Talk about being tiny!)
Anyways…I tried to seem professional. All I really wanted to do was breathe in all her ODDie goodness. 
She is a true artist…and one heck of a business woman. 
I’d like a’ Kristy’ tutorial, please 🙂

Long story short.

I really enjoy the art of others. I think most artists enjoy the company and friendships of other artists, even if we are carving spaces in the same niche of the world. This past year, I have met so many wonderful, beautiful people in this industry. And fellow artists are no different!

I was so excited and thankful when Kristy asked me to join in her month of fun and submit a project!
Thanks for having me in your corner today, girl!! 
You can come visit in mine whenever you’d like…
…just give me a heads-up so I can kick all the mess to one side 🙂

Hope you enjoy the video 🙂

I’m also giving away a $40 Gift Certificate to my shop, Saturated Canary! To enter all you have to do is…

1. Like the Saturated Canary Facebook Page, and tell me The Odd Girl sent you
2. Like the Some Odd Girl Facebook Page and tell her Krista sent you
3. Comment here that you did!

You can enter now thru Oct 31st and the winner will be announced on Nov 5th. Good Luck!


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