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Ornament Tia Speed Coloring and Stamp Giveaway by Kristy

Hi Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the first week of the 31 Days of How-Tos, Giveaways and Tutorials! Kristy back today and I have a speed coloring video using Ornament Tia for you with a little giveaway at the end. Enjoy!

I love doing these videos and I hope you gleen something from them.Β 

But I’m not done with the fun today! I want to give one lucky commenter their own Ornament Tia! All you have to do is leave a comment below with any coloring videos that you’d like to see! Deadline to enter this giveaway is Oct 31st and the winner will be annouced Nov 5.

Before I go for the day I want to recap what we’ve seen so far so if you are just joining us you aren’t missing out!

Monday – Welcome and $25 Some Odd Girl Giveaway
Tuesday – Bluebird Chic Camera Strap Giveaway from Leah
Wednesday – My Real Life Pin tutorial by Aimee
Thursday – Paper Issues Giveaway with Cassie
Friday – Halloween Photo Booth Tutorial by DianaΒ 

I’ll see you all next week, all the way thru Oct 14th for a bunch of fun Tuts and Giveaways all about Coloring!


  • Nicole

    I love this video, the coloring is just super amazing and the Ornamet Tia stamp set is super cute and perfect for the hoildays. I’d love to see a video making clouds with copics. I’ve always wanted to make a scene around my images.
    Happy World Card Making Day

  • Sara Schumann

    I love the coloring and the blue glow! I hate to say it but I’d like to see coloring videos with products other than Copics {gasp!} as I don’t own any yet. I’m thinking Prismacolor pencils or even Spectrum Noir markers maybe.
    Happy card making day!

  • jessica

    Your coloring is simply AMAZING!! love how you made the ornament reflect on her!! I love watching you color on video and learn a ton just by watching! I would love to see more video’s on shading for hair/face.
    Thanks for sharing and have a GREAT Saturday!!

  • Billie A

    I love what you did. The light bulb glow was awesome. I am just blowen away with your coloring skills. Awesome. I would like to see cloths coloring – the folds how to give the depth in the folds.

  • Lucianna

    Wow, I love watching your technique and how you did the lighting for her, really beautiful! I would love to see more lighting techniques, I love to see new angles, maybe a candle lighting how to πŸ™‚

  • Katie

    Oh my goodness Kristy- I never get tired of watching you color! I’d love to see a couple of video’s with you actually describing things like light sources- why you put your shading where you do etc. I find knowing the ‘why’ gives me an opportunity to try and think about things differently when I color. Thanks so much- you rock!

  • Jennyfer L

    I love all your videos Kiristy. I would love to learn how to color from different sources of lighting . I can never figure this out!

  • Amy O

    I’d like to know how you pick your direction for lighting sources – What works best for different images based on the way they’re drawn. Also, have you done anything on realistic fur? I’ve always found that intriguing but haven’t tried it.

  • Penny Busch

    Wow, I was mesmerised watching that. I would love tutorials on adding Noses to faces, would love to learn to colour skin tones like you do, and also colouring reds and pinks..my list could go on for hours!

  • Andrea

    I loved the video! I would like to see a video with coloring under shade, like a large hat or umbrella. Thank you for taking the time to make this!

  • Cyndi Elliott

    This is a wonderful image and I love how you colored her. I am interested in more videos like this with interesting lighting and shading. When you tape, would it be possible for you to put the marker cap with number that you are using in the frame so it would be easier to follow along? Love the glitter nails.

  • Nick

    I am nearly out of words! I would never used that “turquoise” colour in the face, hair and dress. But it just look stunning. I think I have to get braver, colouring. I would love to see more videos about drawing fur at animals and also how to shade to get a good nose at people.

  • Lisa Wolgast

    A match made is Heaven! Copic Markers and Some Odd Girls designs! Awesome! I’m amazed how dark you can go. Just when I think your done, you add more color. I love the glow on her face and dress. I can’t wait to see what else you will do. For me, I’m still in the beginners stage. I just finished The beginners class you and Melissa offered and loved every minute. I would like to see a video on how to create a background, or how to shade around an image. I’m a little nervous on shading around an image. I love everything you do and am hooked on your blog. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  • damaris velazquez

    This is outstanding!!! I would love to try this, but my fearful instincts keep me from doing so, hahaha… In the future I’d love to see more videos on the details of coloring clothes… shading, and creating creases. It’s my BIGGEST struggle. Thank you so much.

    x0, Damaris

  • karenladd

    AWK! What a cute stamp!!! I would love to see videos on how to color skin tones because I have the hardest time with that!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • marykay

    I love some odd girl digi’s. this video was very handy for me indeed.
    I would love to see a couple more video’s on coloring different faces of some odd girl digi’s. That’s the hardest thing for me is putting face features where there is little or none already.
    thanks for the chance to win some awesomeness too

  • Loz β™₯

    If only I could colour that quickly IRL! Love the tut, the hair colouring is amazing – have never tried to incoporate a reflection of colour, will def have to give it a go πŸ™‚

  • Sue D

    Awesome video! I am new to copic coloring so I would like to see basic coloring plus more advanced techniques like the glow video.

  • Rae Ann

    Such a neat technique for the radiant glow. I am SO not there yet. Loved seeing it come together though. I would love to see techniques you could use to “ground” images so they don’t appear to be floating on a white background.

  • Naomi Hanson

    I would like to see a video on how to do background that wouldn’t take away from the original image. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Grace O.

    Hi Kristy!!!
    SWEET VIDEO!!! I love learning from you =)
    If it’s not too much trouble, would you be able to do a video on how you colour the SOG girls’ faces? I can’t seem to get my noses right…
    mine end up looking like they don’t have any nasal bridges… =S
    Thanks again for this giveaway!!
    PS: Happy Birthday Month!!!

  • Tiffany

    *mind blown*
    That’s how my friends say when they’re stunned which I am!
    This video is wicked! I love the coloring techniques you put in it!
    So, I was curious, if ou could do a tutorial on skiesssss?
    I want to learn to blend the riht colors for the starry night and the daylight skies ^-^
    Arigato Gozaimsu!

  • Lynda

    Wow…I would love to see a video that shows the same image with different skin and hair colors side by side…even use the same colors but change the light source… thank you for the chance to win!

  • Carolyn

    So cute! love the reflection on her face! I love watching the speed coloring tutorials, and one about backgrounds would be neat – different skies and grasses and such, and where to place the girls for reference.

  • Kimberli Sarsfield

    I would love to see a normal speed video with the talking:) It would be wonderful to see a video using one of the newer stamps like Cowgirl Mae or Ribbon Mae or any SOG stamp since they are all my favorites! I would love to see how to add the strokes on hair to make it look like real strands:)

  • Stephanie-Emma

    This is fab and how gorgeous is little Tia!

    I’m lucky enough to have seen a lot of your videos through the CFC courses, things i’m struggling with at the moment is clouds with copics, or colouring with anything other than pens – like watercolouring, pencils, pastels etc? particularly pencils I think, i know a lot of people use prisma pencils WITH copics but i never know what i’m doing with pencils… xxx

  • Arabella

    Happy Birthday Kristy!!!!

    Wow! This is so cool! I really love all your speed colouring videos… it’s so amazing to see the final coloured image take shape! I love the little shadow you added to her nose!


    PS Lurrrrve your nail polish!

  • Liz O

    Lovely image! Thank you for sharing the technique for the reflection of the ornament! I would love to see how to color a sunset scene thanks for all you do and share!
    Have a wonderful day!

  • Laura Karaba

    LOVE the blue shining on her face from the ornament! I would LOVE to see a video on coloring hair. It is tought for me! (Thanks for the chance to win free stuff to feed my papercrafting addiction!)

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