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Halloween Photo Booth by Diana

Hi! This is Diana Fisher, happy to be sharing my Halloween Party Photo Booth set. What a fun way to make sure everyone has fun at a costume party, even if they don’t wear one!

Here is how I made my little party mummy.

In the bottom of my planter, I put in a green Styrofoam circle that is often used when making flower arrangements. I poked a bunch of holes, spread apart, to hold the bbq skewer sticks I used to tape the mustaches, lips, bow ties and witch hats to. They are affixed to the sticks with washi tape.

This little mummy needed some hair, so I used more planter filler. It is the really coarse kind so it worked well with the fall theme. You could always use moss, too, if you have it on hand.

The mummy’s eyes were cut out using the Cameo from a file in the Silhouette store, but you can also use googly eyes from a craft store if you wanted to.

And there you have it! Party in a planter! Make your next fall or Halloween party that much more fun.



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