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Blue Bird

click pics to see in gigantoid size Every had a craving so strong you just couldn’t resist? Yeah. I wanted to draw a bird on Monday lol. Weird, I know. So over about 2 hours while watching Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. I sketched and colored the bird above. I updated pics via Instagram hence […]

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Fairy Sketch

Happy Friday peeps! Today’s sketch is one of the fairies I worked on but couldn’t get the post quite how I wanted it so she didn’t make it to the release. I might rework it at another point but not right now 🙂 This is a shorty post today but I’m going to be heading […]

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Sketch peek

Here’s a little peek of a new design I worked on this weekend. I am trying like all get out to get as ahead as possible then I can step back and take my time to look at some other  projects I’ve got to get started on but these designs are looming to have them […]

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Sketch: Owls

Some lil sketches I was kickin around. I’m really trying to find a style (maybe not the right word) on critters that I like and these two came out of it. Still not completely happy but are cute. I think I can do better though! Crack that whip task mistress! lol.  What kind of critters […]