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    Another Winter Digi Sneak!

    SNOWBALL FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! heh.ย  This digi release is coming on Sept 17 ๐Ÿ™‚ ย  Another bit of news! I’m excited, it was a ton of fun last year so we’re doing it again! Put it on your calendars! I’m celebrating my birthday (Oct 12) by gathering the best crafters to help me fill the entire month of October with How Tos, Tuts and Giveaways! Its going to be a lot of fun and I hope you’ll be here each and every day October 1 – 31.ย  BUT I’m kicking the fun off now to get ready, I have a blog badge that you can grab right now to the left and…

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    Blue Bird

    click pics to see in gigantoid size Every had a craving so strong you just couldn’t resist? Yeah. I wanted to draw a bird on Monday lol. Weird, I know. So over about 2 hours while watching Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. I sketched and colored the bird above. I updated pics via Instagram hence I got the progression above. Not the greatest pics ever but considering they were by lamp light on my phone I really can’t complain. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Here is a nice scan of the final piece. Sketched with Grey Multipliner and colored with Copics If you look at the huge size of this image you can see…

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    Fairy Sketch

    Happy Friday peeps! Today’s sketch is one of the fairies I worked on but couldn’t get the post quite how I wanted it so she didn’t make it to the release. I might rework it at another point but not right now ๐Ÿ™‚ This is a shorty post today but I’m going to be heading out the door to go hang out with some awesome people (Rusty from Oozak and Marianne Walker from Copic) while they have a standard Certification class going on ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m excited for a fun day… kidless… hub-less… XDย 

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    Sketch peek

    Here’s a little peek of a new design I worked on this weekend. I am trying like all get out to get as ahead as possible then I can step back and take my time to look at some other ย projects I’ve got to get started on but these designs are looming to have them ready by when I need them! I’m happy to say that I don’t have that much more to go, probably like 6 more sets? I think that would make me happy! Last week was simply not the week, it seemed, to do much of anything overly productive, not for lack of trying, with both kids…

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    Well I caught the sick my hubs brought home then gave to my son then gave to me and now my daughter has it. greaaaaaaat. I have a commission to work on that I’ll be working on today now that I can actually think further than 2 + 2 but I did manage to do 1 drawing in about a 4 day period so I thought I would share a peek of it ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m kind of thinking ahead toward the warmth of summer (maybe that was the fever?)… what are some summery things you like to see and use on your creations?

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    Valentine’s Tia and a contest!

    Happy friday peeps! School is canceled here due to snow, my big dental appointment yesterday went smooth (though I think my cheek is bruised lol) and I finally have something to share that isn’t me complaining about said appointment, snow or a cold I woke up with. :DDย  I got this card done! YAY! I has been waiting to be colored for about… 2 weeks? I got tons wrapped up in drawing that I forgot to finish it in time for today’s feature post on Some Odd Girl. I’m naughty *slaps own hand* I went all yellow and orange to kind of contrast the normal red and pinks for Valentines’…

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    Sketch: Owls

    Some lil sketches I was kickin around. I’m really trying to find a style (maybe not the right word) on critters that I like and these two came out of it. Still not completely happy but are cute. I think I can do better though! Crack that whip task mistress! lol.ย  What kind of critters are your fav? Gimme some suggestions as I’m stuck on owls and cats ^u^

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    Sketchy Challenges

    Wow, you think the world might have ended, 2 posts in a row this week *facepalm* Anyways, heh, this week I am the Sketch creator over at the Sketch Challenges and lil challenge blog started by my Aussie friend Kellie! So the team got to work with this sketch I put forth… And here is what I created with it… Can you believe I took that pic with my PHONE?! Me either! Totally rocks! I needed the pic and my regular camera’s batteries were charging ย so I gave it a go. I’m very happy!ย  I created this card with the new Chap line from American Crafts that was supplied to…

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    Inspiration Monday

    Today, the inspiration is just to be FREE. Take time that you were going to use to do a “To-Do” project and pull some random elements together and just have FUN! In the spirit of that I took about an hour the other night and whipped out a sketch pad and pencil, my good ol clicks, and then went to town right over the top with my Copics. Graphite will not hurt your Copics but it will permanently discolor your tip so if that would be an issue for you, don’t mix’em. I figure I’ll have to change the tip eventually so I’m not so worried about it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Working…