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Sketch peek

Here’s a little peek of a new design I worked on this weekend. I am trying like all get out to get as ahead as possible then I can step back and take my time to look at some other Β projects I’ve got to get started on but these designs are looming to have them ready by when I need them! I’m happy to say that I don’t have that much more to go, probably like 6 more sets? I think that would make me happy! Last week was simply not the week, it seemed, to do much of anything overly productive, not for lack of trying, with both kids home and I started a new diet. :3 a whole crap ton of distractions but at least today is back to normal and back on track!Β 

This might sound weird… I know, when don’t I? but I saw 5 deer this morning and that means its going to be a good day or even a good week! Its my own little superstition :DDΒ 

Now that the world is back to rights then I can get posting back to rights too LOL! I’m *thinking* about cleaning out some of my stash and doing some mystery box giveaways… is anyone interested?Β  :wave:

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      • LOL!

        Deer truly are beautiful, regal creatures. I used to see one regularly on my route to work, in my old house, in the early morning mist. It always set me up.

  1. Can’t wait to see the rest of this chicky with wings! I wish we had deer here, the last time I saw a deer was 2004, and I was in Japan…. In Australia, deer don’t roam free, although we do occasionally see a ‘roo…
    I would love to take some of your stash! πŸ™‚

  2. this is pretty amazing, that wavy hair n wings.. oooolalal… and who wouldn’t love your stash?
    We have deer that come and visit once n awhile in the field next to our house. The field is small, but usually 2 – 5 are together there a couple times a year. They’re so serene.. I remember my Grandfather keeping a huge salt block at his cabin in MI when I was younger.. we’d see them when we’d go pick the blueberries.. what I wouldn’t do for photos of that back in the day. Sorry to ramble along on your blog, but I can officially say You started it. πŸ˜‰

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