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Well I caught the sick my hubs brought home then gave to my son then gave to me and now my daughter has it. greaaaaaaat. I have a commission to work on that I’ll be working on today now that I can actually think further than 2 + 2 but I did manage to do 1 drawing in about a 4 day period so I thought I would share a peek of it 🙂 I’m kind of thinking ahead toward the warmth of summer (maybe that was the fever?)… what are some summery things you like to see and use on your creations?


  • Annie Rose

    Oh my goodness, is she a mermaid?! She’s beautiful! I love seeing your sketches, especially when they come to life as stampies! 🙂

    So sorry your household is sick! That’s never fun.

  • Lani

    Wow I love your sketches! That looks like it is going to be a super fun image! I hope you feel better soon! I love to use real sea shells from the beach. Each time I go I collect as many as I can, broken ones are easy to use to create letters/words.

    I know how you feel, I broke my rib last week and it is really hard to craft!! I have been able to make a few cards although very slowly! They are on my blog if you would like to check them out. I love your work, you really are inspiring! I wish I could color like you! 🙂

  • Leah the Orange

    well THIS mermaid is gonna be the most gorgeousest of all of them out there. and there are LOTS of ’em. a SOGgy mermaid will blow ’em all out of the water. HEE! 🙂 puns intended!

    so i wanna see, with a mermaid set, a little border stamp of waves. maybe give her a rock to sit on? a seahorse! i can’t wait to seeeeeee…..

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